Is There an iPhoto Windows Equivalent?

If you are looking for a photo program similar to the Mac's iPhoto, for Windows, there are some considerations you can think about. Not all photo programs offer the same exact features, but there are some very close similarities to the Mac's iPhoto. What you choose to work with is a matter of personal preference and what features are important to you will help you decide.

iPhoto Features

The iPhoto program has features such as facial recognition, which makes it very convenient for organizing, naming and filing photos. iPhoto will make suggestions for matching people in photographs. With iPhoto, you can map the locations of your photos on a virtual map. This makes it fun to track the places you have been and the places you would like to go with multi-color push pins and all. You can also organize your photos by event to make your searches easier. With iPhoto, you can do basic editing of your photos and play with the effects feature before sharing via email or other venues. Lastly, with iPhoto you can create photo albums, calendars, etc., or print your pictures through their affiliate program.

Picasa 3

One photo program that is similar to iPhoto and is also free is Google's Picasa 3. Some of the features of Picasa 3 include face recognition with name tagging and geo-tagging with Google maps or Google Earth. Picasa 3 can identify faces and will group them together for you to add names, much like iPhoto. Picasa 3 allows you to perform multiple tasks all at once too, making it very convenient when uploading your photos. For instance, you can send photos to your contacts and to your friends' albums, all while uploading to your own album. Picasa 3 also has options for printing and creating collages and other items, similar to iPhoto.

Windows Live Photo Gallery

Another free option for Windows that has features similar to those of the iPhoto program is Windows Live Photo Gallery. This Windows program also recognizes faces and allows you to tag the photos for future ease of use. The drawback here is that Windows Live Photo Gallery does not yet have the feature of recognizing similar faces and bringing them up for you. Windows Live Photo Gallery does have a photo share feature and editing tools with a panoramic option.

Windows Photo Gallery

Another Windows photo program that is free to download and easy to use is the Windows Photo Gallery. Windows Photo Gallery has the tagging features similar to iPhoto but does not have facial recognition, or the mapping feature. You can use Windows Photo Gallery to create a slide show on your computer or to make home movies from your photos and home movies. You can also easily share your photos with friends and family through Windows Photo Gallery.

There are other photo programs out there as well, but many are paying programs. If you like more in-depth editing features, you can try Adobe. If you prefer a free program, stick with Picasa 3 or Windows Live Photo Gallery.

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