iPhoto Effects for Stylizing Your Photos

iPhotos is a versatile photo editing program that comes with the standard software on a Mac computer. Although iphoto effectsis not as intense as Photoshop, there are some standard effects that you can quickly add to your photos to stylize them.

The Different Effects

To access these effects, click on the picture you wish to work with, then click the edit button. From the edit menu, choose 'Effects' and a small menu pops up with nine options:

  1. Black and White: Applying this effect removes all color and turns the photo into a black and white image.
  2. Sepia: This effect gives your photo a golden tint similar to the Kansas scenes in 'The Wizard of Oz'
  3. Antique: This is like Sepia, but about half as intense. Your photo still looks slightly tinted and the original colors have been faded. You can adjust the intensity of this effect.
  4. Fade Color: This fades your colors down. You can adjust it from being slightly faded to almost black and white.
  5. Boost Color: Saturates the colors in your photo. You can control the intensity of this effect.
  6. Matte: Creates a white circle border around the image. You can adjust how big the circle will be.
  7. Vignette: Just like a matte except the circle is black. This is also adjustable.
  8. Edge Blur: Created a blur on the edge of the image. The size of this blur can be adjusted.
  9. Original: If you don't like your effects, you can always bring the image back to its original state.

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