iPCamEYE Surveillance Camera Software: Key Features

IPCamEYE is a fully scalable surveillance camera software toolkit that is IP-based. It is optimal for video management solutions. Here are some of the key features of IPCamEYE surveillance camera software.

About IPCamEYE

In effect, IPCamEYE surveillance camera software is not a single piece of software. It is more like a software-based toolkit that you can use for out-of-the-box solutions that match customer demand perfectly.

Features of IPCamEYE

IPCamEYE software supports all kinds of popular IP based cameras being produced by manufacturers like Aviosys, Mobotix, DLink, Sony, Panasonic and Axis. There is comprehensive support for FireWire and USB based cameras as well. The software also plays well with existing and legacy video servers that still continue to employ analog CCTV cameras.

One of the best features is the strongly accurate and precise motion detection in single or multiple zones; precise noise filtration and object contouring coupled with this feature make for a formidable system. You can also make use of post and pre-alarm recording to really bring out the teeth in your video surveillance services. Moreover, the user interface is very intuitive and supports multiple monitors.