iPCamEYE Surveillance Camera Software: An Overview

IPCamEYE is surveillance camera software soon to be released (as of 2010) that is scalable, but also has an IP-based video management system. IPCamEYE does not come as single software, but rather as a toolbox, thus allowing for extraordinary solutions that perfectly suit customer demands. The software comes in two versions: Home Edition and Pro. Here's a look at what this software offers:

Supports IP Cameras

This surveillance camera software can support most commonly used IP cameras available today, such as AXIS, Panasonic, DLink, Mobotix and Aviosys. It also works with DirectShow, which is supported by a USB. It supports most widely known video servers in order for them to be able to use analog CCTV cameras.

Professional Detection

The software provides professional detection of motion and can be used to scan multiple areas. It also has a provision for taking recordings of alarms before and after. There is a sensitive user interface that supports the monitoring of various places. There is an engine that records areas of interest. Mobile surveillance of phones with Java embedded into them is offered.

Fees Involved

The software pricing relies on IP cameras or video server channel numbers that the software will be working on. If Home Edition is supporting four channels, then it goes for $135. For the Pro version, when four channels are supported, the software is $232. This is the lowest fee as the price increases with increasing numbers of channels.

Prices and specifications for this surveillance camera software is still preliminary so they might be changed in the future. Preordering gets you a 50% discount as soon as the products get released.