Introducing FaceInHole

FaceInHole is a new and exciting website that allows you to have some laughs while being someone new everyday. It follows the simple concept of allowing you to fit your face in a hole that has been carved out on a template. The website provides hours of fun and laughter. You can easily poke fun at friends and family by uploading your own pictures and filling in the holes with a friend or relative's face.

Visiting the Website

Simply visit and you will instantly see a number of templates and layouts. You can fill these holes with the faces of friends and relatives.

Uploading a Picture

Once you have located a suitable face in a hole template, you will be presented with a scenario page that will show the selected template. You will now upload the picture that has the face that you want to put in. Simply browse through the hard disk, locate the file, and hit the upload button.

Alternatively, if you have a web camera, you can also take a picture and upload it directly. You can import pictures from your Facebook album or simple enable a Google search for images from the scenario itself.

Putting the Face In a Hole

Once the photo is uploaded to the scenario, you will be able to align it to the template by zooming in and out and rotating the picture. You can also match colors by adjusting brightness, contrast, hue and saturation. Once satisfied, you will save the creation and can optionally create an account to save the creations permanently.