Inserting a Title on the Premiere Timeline

Creating a title in Premiere is very easy thanks to the great design of Adobe's video editing software. Adobe Premiere Pro has incorporated the 'Title Creator' so that anyone using their program can create titles that are professional. Here's how to create dynamic titles:

How to Open the Title Creator

Adobe's team of software engineers has made it simple to create titles. Simply choose 'File' -> 'New' -> 'Title' or use the keyboard short cut which is 'control (command)' + 'T'. 

A dialogue box appears asking you to enter some specific information about the title like the frame rate, size and name. Enter this info then click 'OK'. You can now begin creating your title.

Creating Titles

The title creator allows you to make professional titles for your program. You can choose to make your titles from one of the dozens of style presets that Premiere offers, or you can create your own titles using one of the hundreds of font choices offered. You can also control the font sizes and colors.

To make your titles really pop out, you can add a drop shadow to them. A drop shadow effect makes the image seem three dimensional. It's easy to add them and the program offers you a lot of control of the size and angle of the shadow. 

The Title Creator offers you a lot of tools to bend the shapes of your titles. This program offers you a lot of options to channel your titling creativity. It's an art in itself.

Still vs. Rolling Titles

There are two different kinds of of titles you can create in this program. Still titles that don't move (or don't move yet) and the rolling credits that you see at the end of a feature film. The length of your credits is going to determine how long they will stay on the screen. By default Premieres, titles are 5 seconds long but they can be easily changed in the timeline. For rolling credits, just drag the end point out to make their screen time longer. The longer the time, the slower they'll roll.

Inserting Titles on the Timeline

Once your title is created, it will appear in the bin. Drag the title from the pin to the place where you want to insert it on the timeline. Drag the title to it's precise start point and extend it's length if necessary. If you place a title on video track 2, above a video clip, the title will appear over the video. If you want a black background, then place the title on track 1.

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