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Transform Photos to Trippy Colors with Photoshop

In Photoshop, you can alter your images by creating some trippy colors to give your pictures added wow factors. You should be able to make some really impressive images using Photoshop, and they are all...[more]

Emulate a Realism Painting with Photoshop

There are many ways in which you can enhance your pictures in Photoshop, from giving an image an old-movie feel to adding the traits of realism painting to a digital photograph. While all of these...[more]

Make a Photo Look Like a Movie with Photoshop

Using Photoshop movie to create a photo that looks like a still shot from a movie is fairly easy to do. By using layering and color alteration, you can turn an ordinary photo into a...[more]

Make Your Photos Look Dreamy with Photoshop

One thing you may want to have in your album is a few wistful shots, and the Dreamy Photoshop effect is one way to enhance your photographs. You can use this effect to give your...[more]

The Photoshop Old Movie Look Tutorial

If you are keen on manipulating your modern photographs, you may be interested in a technique which allows you to make them resemble old movie stills. The old movie look is very popular among people...[more]

The Best Places to Download iPhoto Free

iPhoto is a software program designed for Macintosh computers, and it's part of Apple's iLife software which also includes iMovie, iDVD, iWeb, and Garage Band. You can not legally download iPhoto 09 for free. If...[more]

Is there an Aperture for Windows?

Is there an aperture for Windows? Aperture is both photo editing and photo managing software developed by Apple for it's computers. The program costs $199.00 and is not available for Windows. However, there are similar...[more]

Adding Mist and Fog with Photoshop

The clouds feature is an easy way to add a fog photoshop filter to an image, however, this effect isn't realistic. This creates a foggy layer which affects the entire image the same. A real...[more]

Put Tears in Photos Digitally Through Photoshop

Creating tears photos is a very simple way of making a photo look older than it really is. This process involves making the photo look like the original photograph has been torn without actually causing...[more]

Stretching Photo Parts in Photoshop

If you have used Photoshop before, then you may be interested in learning more advanced skills such as stretching photo images in the device. This is a somewhat advanced technique that can add an interesting...[more]

Simulate a Blueprint with a Photo in Photoshop

A blueprint photo will most likely be familiar to you if you work in the architectural or any similar design field. Blueprints typically serve as precursors or drafts of what will become the finished product...[more]

How to Create a Photoshop Horror Film Effect

One technique that is great if you are interested in making a spooky looking print for an event or holiday is the Photoshop horror effect. With this technique, you can take any digital image and...[more]

Using iPhoto's Faces in Aperture

Aperture, the photo organization/manipulation/publishing software designed by Apple, has incorporated the iPhoto organizational tool called Faces. This option sorts through and locates pictures of the same person and then assigns whatever tag you've chosen to...[more]

The Dave Hill Look Tutorial

One of the more sought after photo effects is to duplicate the type of stylized, high impact, sharp focus photography that has been popularized by the photographer, Dave Hill. Fortunately, you do not have to...[more]

How to Use Photoshop Shapes Creatively

If you are just learning to use Photoshop or are just hoping to add some new tricks to your Photoshop arsenal, learning how to creatively use Photoshop shapes can be a great technique. Below you...[more]

Tips and Tricks for Using the iPhoto Library Manager

iPhoto Library Manager is an invaluable tool for keeping your photos organized and combining multiple albums into single ones, while still retaining all the attached data, such as dates and file names. The basic operation takes...[more]

Sharing Photos in iPhoto 4

Originally released in 2004, iphoto 4 was a significant upgrade in terms of features over previous iphoto releases. One of the most sought after upgrades in iphoto 4 was increased photo sharing functionality. There are...[more]

Getting Acquainted with the Aperture Software

Aperture software, designed by Apple, is a one-stop, comprehensive photo program that allows you the ability to do anything you need to your pictures, from downloading them from your camera to uploading them online for...[more]

High Key Black and White in Photoshop Effect

One of the most popular and often used effects that you can create in Photoshop is the black and white Photoshop effect known as "High Key Lighting." Originally used for technological reasons, high key lighting...[more]

Transforming Photos to Stencil with Photoshop

Stencils can be fun to make in Photoshop. The key to stencil Photoshop is to keep the image contrast as solid as possible so that the cutout will work. But, first things first. Step 1:...[more]

Adding a Rainbow in Photoshop

If you have a landscape photo that you want to glam-up, you can add a rainbow using Photoshop. You can apply this Photoshop rainbow to any sky, but remember than rainbows usually appear right after a...[more]

Photoshop Illustration Effect: Transforming a Photo

Photoshop can help you make any photo look like an illustration. The Photoshop illustration process is definitely much simpler than drawing the illustration yourself. In a matter of minutes, you can use an existing image...[more]

Tansforming People With a Ghost Effect in Photoshop

Ghosts cannot be photographed easily, but you can create a ghost effect in Photoshop. Find a picture of a person acting rather spookily and open Photoshop. Step 1: Desaturation To get the person to look...[more]

Achieving a Watercolor Effect in Photoshop

A photograph can look like a painting thanks to a watercolor effect in Photoshop. There is a filter in the "Filter" drop down called "Watercolor".  But, if you are not happy with its results, follow...[more]

3 Photoshop Background Masking Techniques

There are many ways to mask a background using Photoshop. Some Photoshop backgrounds are better for certain situations and some are better suited for different users. Here are 3 options that you have. Option 1: Extract...[more]

Flip a Photo to a Negative in Photoshop

There are times when it will be useful to use Photoshop negative filters to flip a photo into its negative colors. This can be useful if you ever scan a negative into your computer, or...[more]

Creating a Stylish Panorama with Photoshop Panographies

Capturing an entire landscape or a tall building can be difficult with photography, but panorama Photoshop techniques can make this easier. Taking panoramic photos has always been possible by manually piecing together photos to create...[more]

Make Your Photos Look Vintage for Photoshop

 Applying a vintage Photoshop filter is very simple and will make any photo--no matter when it was taken--look like it was taken years ago. Creating vintage photos has never been easier thanks to computers and...[more]

How to Create Water Reflection Effects with Photoshop

With any image, you can create a water reflection to add another dimension to your photo. This will take some finesse. Step 1: Set up Your Canvas Open your photo in Photoshop and duplicate the background layer...[more]

How to Create a Soft Glow Photoshop Effect

A soft glow Photoshop effect is actually very easy to create. This effect can be used to make photos look special and more interesting. The same effect can also be used to create fantasy photographs...[more]

Transfer and Storing Movie Clips in iPhoto 5

iPhoto 5 has several perks, including the ability to transfer and store movie clips. The tips listed below will help you become more comfortable with using iPhoto 5, especially in regards to storing and transferring...[more]

Creating a Photoshop Polaroid Collage

If you have ever wondered how those collages of Polaroids can be so perfectly aligned into a complete image, then your answer is in Photoshop. Here is how you make a Photoshop Polaroid collage. The process...[more]

How to Add Snow in Photoshop

If you want to add snow in Photoshop, you can add many dramatic changes to your photos. Several of the more admired methods involve photo manipulation or creative filter application. Follow the steps to achieve...[more]

How to Fake Model Photography in Photoshop

Some day you may need to create the illusion that you have photographed a model. Model photography can be easily achieved if you have the right photo. It is much easier to make something look...[more]

10 Most Useful Photoshop Plugins

Photoshop plugins add new and exciting features to Photoshop and make certain processes much easier. Photoshop is the image editing tool of choice for many people, and is one of the most powerful image editors...[more]

Photo Tricks: Add Rain with Photoshop

Adding rain Photoshop effects to your photo can help to make your photo look even more special than it already is. Rain might not be everyone's favorite weather condition, but it can work very well...[more]

Creating a Photo Mosaic with Photoshop

Creating a mosaic in Photoshop is a simple process.  For this example, we will need three photos. The first will be the main photo that takes up the whole frame. The other two will be...[more]

Making a Slideshow in iPhoto 2

Slideshows have become a very popular feature of iphoto 2. The steps listed below will help you become more comfortable with the making of a slideshow. Organize and Add Before you think about the technical...[more]

Creating Mysterious Light in Photoshop

Mysterious light can be hard to come by in the natural world. Luckily, Photoshop can help us with this. The number one aspect of mystery is darkness. The goal is to make the viewer curious...[more]

Photoshop: Transparent Background Creation

Some projects might require you to create a Photoshop transparent background. The way you do this depends on whether you have started your project or not.  Option A would be the best course to take...[more]

How to Merge a Photoshop Layer

Are you wondering how to merge a Photoshop layer? When creating effects in Photoshop, there will come a time when you will need to merge layers. Remember that the reason that you have layers is...[more]

How to Filter Out a Color with Photoshop

You can filter color in Photoshop on a given image.  Many things could be wrong, whether it be the whole image or a portion of it (or a single object in the frame). The balance...[more]

Photoshop Tricks: Transform Photos into a Modern Mosaic

A nice way to stylize your photos is to overlay a pattern to make it look like a modern mosaic. Essentially you will be adding a grid onto your photo and then adjusting different boxes to...[more]

Creating a Photo Book in iPhoto 6

There are many important features on iphoto 6. One of these features is the ability to create a photo book. Follow the steps listed below to create a successful photo book. Upload Photos Before you...[more]

Photoshop Retouching: Simulating Beautiful Skin

The camera does not love everyone's face but bad skin is nothing that cannot be fixed with some Photoshop retouching. You can smooth over any blemish using one of the many tools that will help. But...[more]

Importing Photos from Your Digital Camera to Aperture

You can import photos from your digital camera to Aperture, a photo software program by Apple. Before you begin, connect your camera to the computer and turn it on. Otherwise, you can put the memory...[more]

What to Look for in Photo Shop Training

There are essentially two ways to experience Adobe Photo Shop training. You can either take a course with an instructor or you can buy a book and learn it on your own. Each option has its...[more]

New Features in iPhoto 09

iPhoto 09 is the latest version of Apple's iPhoto program, a basic photo editing program that comes as part of the standard software on any new Mac computer. iPhoto 09 has several new features that set...[more]

Different Ways to Find iPhoto Support

iPhoto is a photography software program that comes standard on Macintosh computers and it offers iPhoto support. It's an excellent program for organizing photos, tagging people, creating slideshows and posting photos online. However, like all software...[more]

Using iPhoto Effects to Enhance Your Photos

One of the great things about the iPhoto program is the iPhoto effects and the capabilities it has. You can make simple or complex improvement or changes to any photo you have uploaded to the program. Experimenting...[more]

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