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DVD Studio Pro: How To Make a DVD Easter Egg

If you are looking to make a DVD Easter egg in your video, then you will need to know how to go about hiding the files using a software program. The idea of a DVD...[more]

DVD Studio Pro: Burning Issues and SD DVD

Creating SD DVD content using DVD Studio Pro is very easy. DVD Studio Pro is one of the most powerful DVD authoring applications available at the moment. This is included with Final Cut Pro and...[more]

DVD Studio Pro: How To Preserve Correct 16:9 Aspect Ratio

If you use DVD Studio Pro a great deal, you may find that although you have a 16.9 aspect ratio set up on your software, your quick time player or other DVD player often reduces...[more]

DVD Studio Pro: Finishing your DVD

DVD Studio Pro is a very powerful and professional application which can be used to design and make DVDs. It's possible to use this application to create powerful looking DVDs. Although the results are very...[more]

How To Make Chapter Markers in Final Cut Pro for DVD Studio Pro

Chapter markers are a great way of controlling your work when you come to place it upon a DVD. Using chapter markers allows you to move forwards or backwards through the film quickly, and can...[more]

Final Cut Pro: Understanding Audio Meters

The purpose of audio meters in Final Cut Pro is to display the level of your audio signal. While there are different types of audio meters, the main type utilized by Final Cut Pro is peak...[more]

Final Cut Pro: How To Set Proper Audio Levels

Final Cut Pro is a useful video editing application, which makes adjusting the audio levels very easy. The audio levels are the volume of the audio tracks which are used in your project. These can...[more]

Final Cut Pro: How To Adjust Parameters in the Motion Tab

The motion parameters are located in the Motion tab. To view the Motion tab, the Viewer must be open. The default motion parameters for a clip are 0 for the center and anchor point, 100 for...[more]

Final Cut Pro: How To Create Keyframed Motion Paths in the Canvas

Using the Canvas, you can create keyframed motion paths. Motion paths allows you to create motion for a clip by repositioning the playhead in the Canvas. The Canvas makes creating motion paths easy, because it will automatically...[more]

Final Cut Pro: How To Use the Change Speed Dialogs

With the Change Speed dialogs, you are able to apply speed effects to your clips, such as slow motion and fast motion. The Change Speed dialog also allows you to change the speed of a clip...[more]

Final Cut Pro Titles: How To Install and Choose Fonts

Original versions of Final Cut Pro made working with text on titles very difficult. Ever since Final Cut Pro 4, however, this is much simpler. Final cut 4 introduced LiveType which was a new text...[more]

Final Cut Pro: Understanding the Timeline Window

In Final Cut Pro, the Timeline displays an exact order of your video and audio clips. The Timeline works with the Canvas to provide different views of your sequences. The Timeline organizes each of your sequences...[more]

How To Create an Alpha Channel in Shake

An alpha channel is designed to create depth in computer graphics, and using Apple Shake to create one is a relatively straightforward process. While creating an alpha channel in Shake does require several steps, it's...[more]

Compressor: Blu-Ray Disc and DVD Burning

For DVD burning, you will have to apply this as a job action for Compressor. You can apply job actions and adjust them in the Inspector window under the Job Action tab. You will have...[more]

Compressor: Encoding Presets

Video files can be compressed by using encoding presets in Compressor. This process is a similar to using a zip file to compress other file types such as documents. These programs allow your computer to...[more]

Using Final Cut Pro with Compressor

Compressor is a high quality encoding software used to integrate Final Cut Pro to DVD. This means there is no need to create intermediate files to be encoded using another application. This also means that...[more]

DVD Studio Pro: How To Make Buttons Appear at Specified Time During the Menu

Do you love to make your own movie or home video compilations using DVD Studio Pro? Fortunately, with the help of the software, all your menu designs can be implemented with just a few clicks....[more]

DVD Studio Pro: Button Navigation

A lot of times, button navigation is controlled through the buttons that are on the DVD player's control remote in order to get through the menu. Navigation should not be difficult to do. When using...[more]

How To Author a DVD with DVD Studio Pro That Plays Automatically

DVD Studio Pro is high-end video software which is produced by Apple Inc. Its function is to create a master DVD which is later sent to production houses for replication. Apple acquired Astarte's DVD Director in...[more]

How To Add DVD-Rom Content To a DVD in DVD Studio Pro

DVD-Rom content is able to be transferred on to a DVD using Studio Pro, which is a software that Apple Inc published. This is an application that will allow you to turn other projects, such...[more]

Final Cut Pro: How To Capture Multiple Audio Channels

The most up-to-date versions of Final Cut Pro allow you to capture a range of audio channels at one pass, which was not possible with the older versions. Current software means that you can pull...[more]

Final Cut Pro: How To Change Audio Levels in the Viewer

The Viewer has audio controls that allow you to control audio levels. When you open the Audio tab in the Viewer, you will be able to view the audio level overlay and pan overlay. This is...[more]

Using Final Cut Pro and After Effects Together

Final Cut Pro is an excellent program for editing films; however, if you want to add cool 3D or special effects, you will need a program like Adobe After Effects. Once you have finished editing...[more]

Compressor: Reverse Telecine

With Apple Compressor, you can use a process known as reverse telecine to convert video material recorded with a frame rate speed of 23.98 frames per second (fps) to 29.97 fps (other frame conversions are...[more]

Apple Qmaster: Shell Commands

Apple Qmaster is the distributed computing component of Final Cut Pro and Compressor, and if you like using the Terminal Shell in the Mac OS, the Command Line is the tool for you. With the...[more]

Compressor: How To Use the Preview Window

The compressor preview window can be used to play your source media file in the way it was formatted originally, or you can use it to preview your source media file with its assigned settings....[more]

Compressor: Optical Flow

Apple Compressor now uses optical flow technology to help format and perform conversions to various video file formats in less time and with better results. Optical flow is a state of the art technology that...[more]

Understanding Image Sequences in Compressor

Apple Compressor, part of the Final Cut Studio suite of video editing software, allows you to encode (or convert) video files into other formats; however, Compressor also utilizes image sequences that allow you to export...[more]

Importing Photoshop Images into DVD Studio Pro

Photoshop images can be imported over into DVD Studio Pro, formatted through an Adobe Photo Shop PSD file. The images have to be visible in Photoshop. You can use the Import Asset feature, which will...[more]

DVD Studio Pro: Advanced MPEG Encoding

MPEG encoding is a process through which your audio and video materials can be imported over to DVD Studio Pro. The QuickTime MPEG encoder is a code that converts the DV format video files over...[more]

Using Histograms on Photoshop for Color Correction

Histograms are bar graphs that are made of frequency distribution. They are made with the widths of the bars, created to be proportional to the class that divides the variable. This variable is divided by...[more]

DVD Studio Pro: Advanced Menu Design

DVD Studio Pro helps you to create advanced designs for your menu using over 30 menu templates designed by Apple. These templates can also be modified, and they even allow you to create your own...[more]

Compressor: Understanding Batches

Batches are configured jobs (source media files) and the targets. A batch monitor monitors the transcoding process for jobs preparing to be processed. When you have a group of source media files and the targets,...[more]

What Is Timecode?

Although there are a lot of applications or features that you encounter when editing a video, the term timecode always seems to appear. Timecode is a time or code assigned to a specific frame or...[more]

Final Cut Pro: How To Use the Audio Controls in the Viewer

When using Final Cut Pro, the audio controls that you see in the Viewer are the same audio controls that are available via the Video tab. The main functions of the audio controls are to allow...[more]

Inserting a Title on the Premiere Timeline

Creating a title in Premiere is very easy thanks to the great design of Adobe's video editing software. Adobe Premiere Pro has incorporated the 'Title Creator' so that anyone using their program can create titles...[more]

Final Cut Pro: The Importance of Subclips

It can be very difficult to edit video that is lengthy, which is where subclips come into play. In Final Cut Pro, you can break one long clip into several smaller subclips. When viewing a single...[more]

DVD Studio Pro: Play All with Stories

DVD Studio Pro has an option called Play All with Stories. Basically, you can have multiple sections within a single project that can be played individually or as a whole. When you create stories, you do...[more]

DVD Studio Pro: Creating Transitions

DVD Studio Pro makes it very easy to add transitions to menus. DVD Studio Pro is a very powerful program that makes it easy to edit and author DVDs on Apple computers. By adding transitions...[more]

The Advatages of DVD Studio Pro over iDVD

Both iDVD and DVD Studio Pro are DVD authoring applications made by Apple. These run on Apple Macintosh computers, and are both fairly similar. However, there are some major differences. iDVD is aimed at the...[more]

Final Cut Pro: Moving and Modifying Markers

Final Cut Pro allows users to move and modify markers. There are various ways to move a marker, including dragging it, repositioning the playhead, and entering a different starting timecode value. After a marker has...[more]

Final Cut Pro: 6 Ways to use Markers

Final Cut Pro markers are visible points on clips and sequences. Markers serve many purposes, including making in and out points for future use, marking a range in a clip that you want to use as a...[more]

How to Export a Video with Adobe Premiere

The export video process is the final stage of the editing process. Adobe Premiere offers a lot of different ways to export your hard work with Media Encoder. The Media Encoder is a separate independent...[more]

Final Cut Pro: Understanding Split Edits

In Final Cut Pro, split edits occur when you set separate video and audio In and Out points. Split edits are typically used when one needs to introduce the sound of a new scene before cutting to the...[more]

DVD Studio Pro: Introduction to DVD Scripting

DVD scripting is a very powerful language that increases the interactivity between you and your DVD player. The scripting capabilities provided by DVD Studio Pro allow you to add specialized features, have the title of...[more]

DVD Studio Pro: DVD Menu Drop Zones

Drop zones are very similar to buttons, except they do not count toward the menu's button count. When you create drop zones, you can assign an asset to them, move them around, and change their size....[more]

Final Cut Pro: Understanding the Canvas Window

In Final Cut Pro, the Canvas window displays the video and audio of your edited sequence during playback. The Canvas and Timeline work together to display sequences. The playhead that you see on the Canvas is...[more]

Simulating Camera Shaking in Adobe Premiere

Simulating camera shake to a static video clip in Adobe Premiere is easy. It requires some labor, but it's not that complicated. Here's how to do it. Change the Clip's Scale A camera shake would...[more]

Final Cut Pro: Understanding the Browser Window

The Browser window in Final Cut Pro is used to organize your video and audio clips. By using the Browser window, you are able to rename, sort and rearrange all of your clips. When you have...[more]

Adding Audio Effects in Adobe Premiere

Sound is just as important to a production as video is. Great audio effects enhance your video projects and add value to your production. They help audiences become more drawn in to the artificial world...[more]

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