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PhotoPlus: Using AlbumPlus Organizer

AlbumPlus, or PhotoPlus, Organizer is a powerful photo manager, providing a very wide variety of possibilities for you to manage your photos and photo projects. This article will guide you through the main features...[more]

Increasing Productivity with PhotoPlus

PhotoPlus allows its users to be more productive than ever, by providing a number of new improvements over its previous versions and the competition. The following tutorial describes various features that make you more...[more]

Complete List of Features for PhotoPlus

PhotoPlus X4, developed by Serif, is a user-friendly photo editing software that allows beginner and amateur level photographers and enthusiasts to achieve professional quality results. This article will examine a list of major features...[more]

PhotoPlus: Achieving Professional Results

PhotoPlus is an upscale photo editing application launched by Serif. It is a software product that gives you the chance to edit and manipulate the images you have in any way you want. Whether...[more]

5 Creative Tools for PhotoPlus

PhotoPlus is not only a sophisticated photo editing software, but it also has tools which let you get creative and achieve spectacular effects for your photos. Here are a list of 5 such creative...[more]

PhotoPlus: Creating a Vignette

PhotoPlus gives you the chance to use one of the most popular and common types of effects in digital photography and editing: the vignette effect. Sometimes you need to blend the edges of an...[more]

Magix Photostory: Making a Slideshow DVD

Magix Photostory is a product from Magix, an international developer of media editing and software applications that has been in business since 1993. Magix Photostory 9 is one of their latest photo editing and...[more]

3 Useful Features of the Mobile Movie Maker

The Mobile Movie Maker can be installed on any mobile device to turn the mobile device into a portable movie theater. The Mobile Movie Maker can be used to convert movies into different formats...[more]

Magix Video Easy: Making Quick Home Movies

Magix Video Easy is the ultimate tool for making a perfect home video. It offers a rather unlimited choice of upscale video editing options and tools, special effects and numerous dubbing tools and instruments....[more]

Magix Movie Edit Pro 15: Mastering DV Recording

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 15 is a program that offers additional editing options and possibilities. It is a program that allows you to navigate easily, making use of numerous advantages both for amateurs and...[more]

Understanding Movie Edit Pro

The following article focuses on the Movie Edit Pro software suite and is a guide to get you up to speed with the software. Launching Movie Edit Pro You can launch the program by...[more]

Achieving a Cinematic Look in Movie Edit Pro

Movie Edit Pro lets you edit movie clips and add different kinds of special effects. A movie clip looks more dramatic when it seen in a cinematic format, and the same cinematic look can...[more]

Movie Edit Pro: Slowing Down Your Video

It is very easy to create a slow motion effect with the Movie Edit Pro software. This software has many tools and features which will enable you to edit your clips and also add...[more]

Movie Edit Pro: Working with a Time Freeze

Time Freeze is one of the cool special effects you can add to your movie clip with Movie Edit Pro, which is advanced video editing software. The Time Freeze effect means that all the...[more]

Movie Edit Pro: Replacing the Sky

Movie Edit Pro is excellent video editing software that has many tools and functions, which let you add a variety of effects. While shooting, it is quite common that you will not get a...[more]

Movie Edit Pro: Creating Stop Animation

Creating Stop Animation can be one of the most creatively gratifying experiences for an artist. However, it is considered to be a time consuming and labor intensive process. Step 1: Setting up Animation Studio...[more]

Movie Edit Pro: Creating a Mirror Effect

Movie Edit Pro is a versatile movie editing software that lets you also create a host of special effects. By just a few clicks, you can transform an ordinary looking footage to something quite...[more]

Adding an Explosion in Movie Edit Pro 14

Movie Edit Pro 14 now provides advanced features and tools to create a variety of special effects. One of the cool features of this movie editing software is that you can add an explosion...[more]

Movie Edit Pro: Creating a Ghost Effect

Movie Edit Pro by MAGIX is sophisticated software for editing movies. The software is packed with various tools for editing and debugging, and contains many features which will let you create special effects. The...[more]

Movie Edit Pro: Disappearing Effects

Movie Edit Pro by Magix is a professional audio/video editing software suite that provides a number of quality editing tools for your video footage. Among the main attractions of the Movie Edit Pro is...[more]

Making a Muzzle Flash in Movie Edit Pro

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro allows users to add effects to the video sequences and clips. One of those effects includes adding muzzle flashes to a shooting gun. This will make the sequence look more...[more]

Making 3D Text in Magix 3D Maker

Magix 3D Maker is a sophisticated software program that allows you to create your own 3D text, titles and animations. Then, you can export your creation as a graphics file, an image or an...[more]

4 Artistic Features of Photo Premium

Photo Premium is a photo editing program that is made by Magix. In addition to allowing you to edit photos, Photo Premium can also be used for portrait optimization, graphic design and the creation...[more]

Media Manager: Sharing Photos

Roxio Mobile Media Manager allows users to share media, including videos, music and videos. This software program allows users to easily transfer media files between a computer and a mobile device, including smartphones and...[more]

Photosuite: Removing Red Eye and Cropping

Photosuite is a powerful photo touch-up application created by Roxio. This application is mainly aimed at amateur photographers, although it has some features which are useful to professionals too. This makes it possible to...[more]

Using Roxio Media Import

Roxio Media Import enables you to import various media files to your computer so that you can work on your multimedia production projects with other components of the Roxio suite. These files may include...[more]

Roxio Label Creator: Creating Personalized Disc Labels

Roxio Label Creator is one of the two featured tools for creating labels on a disc with Roxio Creator 2010. It allows you to create your own personalized disc labels with ease. In creating...[more]

How to Stabilize Video in Roxio Creator

Roxio, a division of Sonic Solutions, is a world leading producer of digital media designing applications, which allow consumers to stabilize video and to produce, control and share their digital entertainment information. For years,...[more]

Roxio Creator: Creating 3D Photos

Roxio Creator is one of the most powerful photo and image editing applications which is currently available. This software is capable of all the normal editing tasks and is also capable of creating some...[more]

Converting DSLR Video into Pro Resolution

Nothing can be easier than using the Magic Bullet Grinder by Red Giant Software to convert any DSLR video files into other more useable editable formats. You have the option of adding timecode and...[more]

Corel PhotoImpact: Enhancing Digital Photos

Corel PhotoImpact has a feature that allows you to edit and enhance RAW files. If you are not familiar with RAW files, they are equivalent to a negative in traditional photography. When you enhance...[more]

Corel PhotoImpact: Creating DVD Labels

In a few easy steps, you can create DVD labels in Corel PhotoImpact. Corel PhotoImpact provides many customizable DVD label templates in Photo Project. You can also use Corel PhotoImpact to create labels for...[more]

How to Use Cool 360 in Corel PhotoImpact

Corel PhotoImpact has a feature called Cool 360 that allows you to combine several photos together. It can be very difficult to take a picture of a tall subject when you are close to...[more]

Using the Cloud Pen in Corel PhotoImpact

If you are a creative person, you will love the Cloud Pen that is available in Corel PhotoImpact. The Cloud Pen allows you to create realistic looking clouds that look like they are moving....[more]

Creating a Calendar in Corel PhotoImpact

It is very easy to create your own custom calendar in Corel PhotoImpact. You can use different photos, icons and markers for all 12 months in Corel PhotoImpact. Corel PhotoImpact allows you to save your calendar...[more]

Corel Designer: Importing 3D Models

The Corel Designer is a vector-based graphical and drawing tool that is extensively used in the heavy industries to create technical graphics for engineers and professionals. The USP for Corel Designer works out to...[more]

Using Corel Draw in a PDF Presentation

Corel Draw Graphics Suite X5 is an extremely powerful graphic designing tool appropriate for both amateur and professional graphic designers alike. The real strength of this software lies in its massive amount of design...[more]

Corel Draw: Understanding Photo Effects

Corel Draw is a graphics design suite from Corel, which can be used to edit photos, create animations or design website images. Within this suite are several photo effects, which can be used to...[more]

Corel Draw: Cropping Graphics

Corel Draw allows users to remove unwanted parts of a graphic image quickly and without difficulty. The technique is referred to as cropping. There are actually several ways of cropping an image. Here are...[more]

Corel Draw: How to Use the Color Palette

Corel Draw Graphics Suite X5 is a powerful graphic designing tool suitable for both professional designers and those who aspire to become one. Corel Draw X5 derives its success from the multitude of design...[more]

Corel Draw: Using the Mesh Fill Tool

Corel’s CorelDRAW graphics design suite allows users to fix or edit images, generate animations or even create images for websites. Within the software suite is a tool known as the Mesh Fill Tool, which...[more]

Corel Draw: Understanding Corel Connect

Corel Connect is a brand new addition that is a part of Corel Draw X5. Corel Connect is highly similar in function to any of the modern day browsers. The only difference lies in...[more]

Creating Spirals in Corel Draw

Corel Draw is very popular vector software which is used by designers and artists all over the world. The software includes a variety of tools to enhance its drawing capabilities and for artists to...[more]

Snapfire Plus: Straightening Photos

You can straighten photos in Snapfire Plus in four easy steps. Depending on the angle that you took a picture at, it is possible that your picture will be crooked when viewing it in Snapfire Plus. Snapfire...[more]

Snapfire Plus: Using the Makeover Tool

The Makeover tool in Snapfire Plus allows you to apply cosmetic corrections to the subject(s) that appear in your photo. The cosmetic corrections that are available in the Makeover tool are Blemish Fixer, Toothbrush...[more]

Snapfire Plus: Removing Red Eye

In Snapfire Plus, you can remove red eye in four easy steps. Unfortunately, red eye is very common in pictures, especially if the subject is wearing glasses. In case you are wondering, the cause of...[more]

Snapfire Plus: Using Photo Doctor

Snapfire Plus has an awesome feature called Photo Doctor. Unless you are a professional photographer, you may not know what aspects of a photo need to be improved. That is where Photo Doctor comes...[more]

Corel MediaOne Plus: Creating Slideshows

Corel MediaOne Plus offers a great alternative for photo editing. With a user-friendly interface, anyone can use this powerful editing program from beginners to professionals. In just a few steps, you can create movies,...[more]

Snapfire Plus: Working with Photo Trays

Snapfire Plus is digital camera software offered by Corel. It allows for the editing of digital videos and photos. It also contains a photosafe backup system and the ability to create Snapfire shows. There...[more]

Making Movies with Corel Digital Studio

Digital Studio is a great Corel product that turns photo and video editing into a fun experience. With a user-friendly interface, it is ideal for DVD burning and playback editing. Users can achieve amazing...[more]

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