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Gimp Photo Editing Basics

Gimp Photo Editing features are very powerful and make it possible to apply all sorts of effects to your photos. Gimp is a free piece of software which has lots of different features. These...[more]

Gimp Software: Key Features

Gimp software is a powerful freeware image editing application. This is very popular because it has features which rival some of the expensive software packages available. If you are trying to decide whether you...[more]

Panavue Imageassembler: Making a Panoramic Picture

Panavue Imageassembler is a tool that is designed to make it very easy to stitch your photographs together. This can be used to create stunning results, including beautiful panoramic photos. To do this is...[more]

Key Features of the Panavue Imageassembler

Panavue Imageassembler is a program that allows you to combine panoramas or mosaics of scanned images. Panavue Imageassembler is compatible with Windows 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP and Server 2003. One of the best...[more]

Serif PhotoPlus: How to Make a Panorama

Serif PhotoPlus is a leading photo editing tool that allows you to edit and manipulate photos, as well as to create formats like BITMAP, GIF, JPG and web based formats. The following article will...[more]

Making a Panoramic Picture in PhotoExplosion

PhotoExplosion is one of the best software programs available, especially if you are trying to look for programs that can give you an easy yet great panoramic picture. There are a lot of features...[more]

Making a Panoramic Picture in PhotoImpact

A panoramic picture can be created with Ulead's PhotoImpact by using the Cool 360 feature, which lets you "stitch" two or more of your shots together. Due to the limitations of a camera lens,...[more]

Making a Panoramic Picture in Zoner Photostudio

If you are looking for a photo editing tool that enables you to create a panoramic picture quickly and easily, then the Zoner Photostudio is the answer. Along with several features that are not...[more]

Scrapbook Factory: Using the Three Step Process

If you are looking for a special way to preserve those precious memories of your life and be able to share them for years to come, Scrapbook Factory is the one software that will...[more]

Lightroom: How To Watermark Images with Your Own Logo or Text

Adding a watermark to your images can help you control the images you choose to upload online--a process which is made easy with the Lightroom program. They will help you recognize the pictures that...[more]

3 Key Features of Cinestream

Cinestream is an editing and streaming program that is made by Media 100. Cinestream is a web friendly program, which makes it a popular program amongst web developers who are adding movies to their...[more]

Understanding Cinestream Editing for Video

Cinestream is the complete package if you are looking for video editing software that allows you to capture source video from a camcorder and edit that video on your PC or Mac (to create...[more]

3 Reasons to Buy Arcsoft PhotoImpression

Arcsoft PhotoImpression is an affordable program that helps you easily organize and manage your photos, music files and videos. Arcsoft PhotoImpression is even capable of performing basic photo editing functions. The reasons to buy...[more]

PhotoImpression: Photo Manipulation Made Easy

Arcsoft PhotoImpression makes editing and organizing your photos very easy. This makes it possible to keep track of all your digital photographs and ensure that they are the best that they possibly can be....[more]

PhotoImpression: Key Features

PhotoImpression is a photo editing program that is made by ArcSoft. PhotoImpression allows you to easily manage, organize, edit and enhance your photos. RAW files that are supported by PhotoImpression include Adobe, Canon, Panasonic...[more]

Understanding HDV Editing in Ulead products

With the world set to embrace High Definition Video (HDV), Ulead has placed itself in a position to provide HDV Editing software to consumers so that they may achieve the best quality results out...[more]

3 Key Ulead MediaStudio Features

Ulead MediaStudio is a real time video editing program. Ulead MediaStudio is capable of editing MPEG, HD DVD and DV video files in real time. Ulead MediaStudio is also capable of audio editing and...[more]

Finding Out if Ulead MediaStudio is Right For You

Whether you are a video enthusiast, a wedding or event videographer or a documentary filmmaker, Ulead MediaStudio is the right video editing program for you. Ulead MediaStudio is a non-linear real time video editing...[more]

Sonicfire Pro Express Track: Finding Royalty Free Music

The Sonicfire Pro 6 software application, developed by SmartSound Software Inc., is a music editing software that lets you search, edit royalty free music tracks and adjust them to the length, quality and volume...[more]

Using Sonicfire Pro Scoring Edition

The Sonicfire Pro Scoring Edition 5, developed by SmartSound Software, Inc., is a music editing software that lets you add and edit royalty free music tracks to multimedia projects. The application comes with a...[more]

Smartsound Quicktracks Highlights and Features

Smartsound Quicktracks is an auto-composing music plug-in for Adobe Premiere Elements and Premiere Pro. Smartsound Quicktracks allows you to add custom length music scores to the video that you are editing in Adobe Premiere....[more]

5 Media 100 Hardware Options

Media 100 suite offers support for a lot of different kinds of hardware on the market today. Here are five hardware options to choose from: 1. Matrox MXO2 The MXO2 is the most supported...[more]

Creating Images in Carrara Studio 3

Creating images in Carrara Studio 3 is quite easy with the various tools and features that the software provides. Below describes how an image can be created with this software. Step 1: Go to...[more]

Nero Vision: Video and Photo Editing Features

Nero Vision is an advanced video and photo editing program. Nero Vision allows you to create high definition movies, organize your photos, and use your photos to create slideshows. You can also use Nero...[more]

3 Key Highlights of Nero Vision

Nero Vision is a program that is used for video editing. You can also create high definition movies with Nero Vision. In addition to being a video editing program, you can also use Nero...[more]

PhotoImpact X3: Features and Benefits

PhotoImpact X3 from Ulead Systems is versatile photo editing software coupled with tools and features for creating stunning digital art. This software stands out among similar editing products in its class, as it requires...[more]

8 RAW Supports for Ulead Photo impact X3

Ulead PhotoImpact X3 is an photo editing program that allows you to fix and enhance your photos, including removing red-eye problems or lighting up images that are too dark. A photographer can also upload...[more]

Understanding Ulead PhotoImpact and it's Best Features

Ulead PhotoImpact is a complete photo editing program. You can use Ulead PhotoImpact to easily manage, organize, edit and enhance your photos. Some of the best features of Ulead PhotoImpact include ExpressFix, next generation...[more]

Using Ulead PhotoImpact to Touch Up Your Photos

Ulead PhotoImpact is versatile photo editing software, which provides a variety of tools to touch up your photos. The software has two modes depending on the level of the user's expertise, and hence it...[more]

5 Video Games that Utilize Shader Model 3

Shader Model 3 is a program which is required in order to play some of the newest, as well as most popular games available on the market. It is built in with the DirectX...[more]

Understanding What a Shader Model Does

A shader model is a system used to program different types of graphics and effects into one spectacular visual. The most common examples of things that are being generated by shaders are computer games....[more]

Geforce FX GPUs in Video Games

The Nvidia Geforce FX series of graphics cards has been popular for a very long time. The latest FX 5200 GPU offers better graphics and improved speed compared to older models. What Is a...[more]

3 Important Features of the Geforce FX GPUs

The Geforce FX is a series of mainstream graphic cards made by Nvidia. The Geforce FX series of graphic cards are designed to produce cinema quality graphics. Important features of the Geforce FX GPUs...[more]

CineFX: Features Overview

CineFX is free open source sophisticated suite for digital video editing and creating special effects. Jahshaka was its former name, and although lacking in non-linear editing, it still has a set of features listed...[more]

Carrara Studio: Making Animations

Carrara Studio is versatile software for creating designs in 3D and also for animations. It has a professional toolset and an easy interface, which makes the workflow simple and fast. Here is a brief...[more]

Carrara Studio: Why to Buy

Carrara Studio is sophisticated software for animation and 3D modeling. Apart from being reasonably priced, this software has a range of features which prompts one to buy this product. Let us see some of...[more]

3 New Features of Knoll Light Factory

If you are not familiar with Knoll Light Factory, Knoll Light Factory is a motion graphics tool that was designed by John Knoll for Red Giant Software. You can use Knoll Light Factory to...[more]

3 Reasons Why Knoll Light Factory Is a Good Buy

Knoll Light Factory is a motion graphics tool that is made by Red Giant Software. Knoll Light Factory was designed by John Knoll, who was the co-creator of Adobe Photoshop. Knoll Light Factory is...[more]

4 Key Features of Text Anarchy

Text Anarchy, formerly known as Digital Anarchy Text Anarchy, is a text animation program made by Red Giant Software. Text Anarchy gives you precise typographic control while allowing you to create text effects, such...[more]

4 Cool Features of Plastic Bullet for the iPhone

Plastic Bullet is a popular iPhone camera application developed by Red Giant Software. The software makes taking photos with your camera great fun. There are many wonderful features which are included in the software,...[more]

Using Plastic Bullet for Great iPhone Pictures

Plastic Bullet by Red Giant is a very simple app for iPhone users to help them take outstanding photographs. Here are few of the features which make this app simple, as well as great,...[more]

3 Reasons to Buy Composite Wizard

Composite Wizard is an after effects compositing tool that is made by Red Giant Software. You can easily use Composite Wizard to correct bluescreen and greenscreen imperfections thanks to the over 20 filters that...[more]

Composite Wizard: Important Features

If you are not familiar with Composite Wizard, Composite Wizard is an after effects compositing tool that is made by Red Giant Software. Composite Wizard can quickly and easily fix imperfections in photos, such...[more]

Organize Photos into Albums in Photo Explosion

Photo Explosion is a useful photo editing application, which makes it possible to organize your photos. Digital cameras make it very easy to take many photos; most people will have thousands of photos on...[more]

Astrophotography Software: What to Look for

Astrophotography software is used to process images taken of the sky and celestial objects. There are a number of types of software available, ranging from general graphics software to more field specific programs. The...[more]

Manipulating Astrophotography Images in Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a powerful program which can be used in astrophotography. Although it is considered a general image editing program, it has a number of functions and features which can be beneficial in...[more]

Applying a Rotoscoping Effect in Photoshop

Rotoscoping is a visual effects technique that can be performed on photographs in Adobe Photoshop. It involves cutting a subject out of an original photograph, and then replacing that background with a new one....[more]

Creating New Blank Pages in Fotoslate

Fotoslate can help you create blank pages that you can use later in collages, scrapbooks and calendars. Creating new blank pages in Fotoslate is not difficult if you follow the program’s wizard. Here is...[more]

Creating Calendars in Fotoslate

Fotoslate is a very useful program if you wish to create your own photo calendars. The program has a user-friendly interface and easy-to-follow wizard that guides you through the entire program. If you wish...[more]

Using the FTP Uploader in ACDSee Pro

One of the greatest pleasures in taking pictures and videos is sharing them with your friends and family, and FTP uploader in ACDSee Pro can help you share your pictures quickly and easily. If...[more]

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