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Why Use Alien Skin Exposure to Edit Photos?

Alien Skin Exposure is a great choice if you are looking for a photo editing program. Unlike many other photo editing programs, the tools that are provided by Alien Skin Exposure make your photos...[more]

Alien Skin Exposure 101

Alien Skin Exposure, which is made by Alien Skin Software, is a photography plug-in for Adobe Photoshop. Alien Skin Exposure allows you to edit your photos by using the over 500 included presets. You...[more]

3 Useful Features of Alien Skin Snap Art

Snap Art 2 is the latest offering from Alien Skin. It provides you with useful add on tools for PhotoShop, Photo Elements 6 and Corel Paint Shop Pro X2. When you run through the...[more]

Understanding Alien Skin Snap Art

Alien Skin Snap Art is a plug-in that is designed to work with Adobe Photoshop. Alien Skin Snap Art allows you to quickly and easily turn your photos into pieces of art. Alien Skin...[more]

3 Useful Features of Alien Skin Bokeh

Alien Skin Bokeh is an effects plug-in for Adobe Photoshop. Whether you are looking to create focus effects or lens stimulation, Alien Skin Bokeh is the plug-in for you. Alien Skin Bokeh is compatible...[more]

Alien Skin Bokeh 101

Bokeh from Alien Skin is a plug-in for Lightroom and Photoshop, which enables the user to draw attention to a specific object in the photo. This can be done by adjusting the depth of...[more]

Alien Skin Blow Up: Everything You Wanted to Know

If you are not familiar with Alien Skin Blow Up, Alien Skin Blow Up is a image enlargement program. You will need to have a working copy of Adobe Photoshop to use Alien Skin...[more]

3 Useful Features of Image Doctor

Image Doctor is an Adobe Photoshop plug-in that is made by Alien Skin Software. Simply put, you can use Image Doctor to create the perfect photo. The algorithms that are featured in Image Doctor...[more]

An Image Doctor Overview

People love perfect photographs and with the help of Image Doctor, you can produce high quality and flawless photographs. Image Doctor is not a cheap program, but it is not cheaply made either. If...[more]

Photo Bundle: Explaining it's Plugins

When you purchase Photo Bundle from Alien Skin Software, you are gaining access to five different plug-ins. Those plug-ins are Blow Up, Bokeh, Exposure, Image Doctor and Snap Art. By purchasing Photo Bundle instead...[more]

What Sets Photo Bundle Apart

Photo Bundle is a collection of photography plug-ins that were designed by Alien Skin Software. All of the plug-ins that are included with Photo Bundle are designed to be used with Adobe Photoshop. The...[more]

What is MainActor?

MainActor is multimedia editing software that will work on Linux and Windows platforms. It is made up of five components that make it an extraordinary program that will fulfill any editing needs all in...[more]

Photo Album Software: Using Corel Photo Album 7

Photo album software enables you to manage, organize and share your photos, edit them, create certain effects and also create slide shows and calendars. A popular one is the Corel Photo Album 7, and...[more]

Picking the Right Web Photo Album Design Template

A photo album design is essential especially if you want to show off your pictures to your friends and relatives online. Not only does it create a great feel for your photos, it also...[more]

Video Compression for the Web

Video compression is what makes it possible for digital video to be shared over the Internet, through a television, and on a DVD. Without video compression, we would either have high quality video files...[more]

Video Compression: Knowledge for Beginners

Video compression is the fundamental pillar in what makes digital video possible. It allows you to take high quality video and then compress it into a small file size, which can then be placed...[more]

Xara Web Designer: Handling Photos

Xara Web Designer is a very powerful and useful piece of software for creating websites. This software can be used to create professional looking results that you will be proud of. To use the...[more]

Xara Web Designer: How to Resize a Page

Xara Web Designer allows you to create and edit web pages using a range of simple tools and techniques. This article explains how to resize your web page design.Step 1: Selecting a Background PageThe...[more]

Xara Web Designer: Flowing Text Around Objects

Xara Web Designer is the sophisticated website designing software which lets you create some stunning web pages. The features and tools of this software make designing and editing a web page quite a simple...[more]

Xara Web Designer: Using the Text Tool

The Text Tool on Xara Web Designer allows you to add and edit text to your web page so that it meets the desired requirements. The Text Tool is simple and easy to use...[more]

How to Operate Xara Web Designer

Xara Web Designer is an easy-to-use website design software that allows users to create web pages from templates. But, how does a user begin operating Xara Web Designer? It is actually pretty easy.Step 1:...[more]

Xara Xtreme: Filling in Color with the Color Editor

While working in Xara Xtreme with objects that can be filled with color, you can change the fill color using one of two ways — the fill tool and the Color Editor. This tutorial...[more]

Creating a Drop Shadow in Xara Xtreme

A drop shadow or a “wall” shadow effect, applied to an object or a text, is largely used in photo editing, web design and animation. In general, it does not matter if it comes...[more]

Using the Transparency Tool in Xara Xtreme

The Transparency tool in Xara is normally used for converting opaque objects to transparent objects. Using the transparency tool in Xara Xtreme is easy. Objects that are on the screen can be altered so that...[more]

Xara Xtreme: How to Feather Photos

Xara Xtreme has very straightforward tools to feather photos. Feathering in this case means blurring the edges so that they blend in better with their surroundings. This feature is useful not only for photos,...[more]

Adjusting Photo Brightness in Xara Xtreme

Adjusting the photo brightness in Xara Xtreme is a fairly simple task. The software comes packed with inbuilt photo correction tools that will help you make tonal and color based corrections in an image...[more]

Making a GIF Animation in Xara Xtreme

For Linux users, creating GIF animations may be challenging due to the limited number of programs available to them. For those in the know, Xara Xtreme is the best illustration program that works best...[more]

Making a Panorama Photo in Xara Xtreme

Creating a panorama photo is easy on the Xara Xtreme, if you know the necessary steps. Xara Xtreme is one of the most popular vector illustration open source softwares on the market right now....[more]

Xara Xtreme: Making a Polygon

Making a polygon shape in Xara Xtreme is fairly simple. There only a few necessary steps that you have to go through, and you will have your polygon in no time. Xara Xtreme allows...[more]

Slicing an Image in Xara Xtreme

In working with open source software, specifically for Linux, illustrators don’t look further than Xara Xtreme. A highly flexible image manipulation program for Unix operating systems, Xara Xtreme is a fast and feature-packed tool...[more]

Xara Xtreme: Making a Star Design

Creating designs on the Xara Xtreme is extremely easy. Though it’s not as popular as its Adobe counterparts, this open source vector illustration software is a great tool for those on the UNIX platforms....[more]

Changing the Background Color in Xara Xtreme

For UNIX platform systems, one of the best photo manipulation and illustration open source software available is the Xara Xtreme. This graphics design software is packed with features that can keep up with the...[more]

Xara Xtreme: Outlining Text

Out of the may photo manipulation and graphic design software available, one of the best you can find is the Xara Xtreme. This open source vector illustration software has enough attributes and features for...[more]

Xara Xtreme: Designing Individual Letters

Xara Xtreme allows you to design every individual object on your work plane, and this includes individual letters. And, like most other things in the software, it is actually quite easy to do. This...[more]

Making a Heart Pulse Animation in Xara Xtreme

Linux users know that when it comes to photo manipulation or illustration software, there’s no better program than Xara Xtreme. Xara Xtreme may be a simplified version of its contemporaries, but it has all...[more]

Making a 3D Pie Chart in Xara Xtreme

Xara Xtreme is a powerful image editing and website design package. This software includes all of the tools that you could possibly need to design and make highly professional sites. There are many different...[more]

Using the Instant Artist Studio

Serif Photoplus X3 is a photo editing software program that has a very interesting feature in it called Instant Artist Studio. Instant Artist Studio allows users to add effect filters to their photographs with just...[more]

DrawPlus: Working with Spray Brushes

DrawPlus by Serif has a variety of tools to make your job easier. You can create some stunning effects by using this software. The following tutorial examines the use of spray brushes, which can...[more]

DrawPlus: Tracing Photos

Serif's DrawPlus is versatile drawing software that lets you create stunning designs, logos and cartoons. Among its many features, it also lets you trace out and select objects from photos. The following describes how...[more]

Drawing a Cartoon Character in DrawPlus

DrawPlus is the versatile drawing software from Serif, which has a set of different tools that lets you create fascinating drawings, graphics, logos and animations. You can also use this software for photo enhancements...[more]

ArcGIS Software Basics

ArcGIS software is a program made by Esri that is designed to help businesses improve their workflow. ArcGIS can help with asset and data management, planning and analysis, business operations and situational awareness. With...[more]

Creating Photoshop Art with Digital Painting

The Photoshop Art editor is very powerful. Photoshop is capable of editing any photos to make them look like amazing paintings. Photoshop makes it very simple to remove the background of an image and...[more]

Photoshop Art: Cloning People

Cloning people in the same image is possible with Photoshop Art, and the outcome is quite realistic. Here is how you can clone a person three times in a single image. Step 1: Take...[more]

Manipulating Color Photography Art in Photoshop

Photoshop is a great way to fix or add effects to your color photography art. With Photoshop, you can add new items to your foreground and match the colors so that it looks as...[more]

Using an Anti-Aliasing Plugin for Photoshop

An anti-aliasing plug-in helps in the removal of jagged edges from a graphic and makes them much smoother and prettier to look at. The following article takes a look at using an anti-aliasing plug-in...[more]

Using a Noise Filter Plugin in Photoshop

A noise filter is a great way for you to get rid of noise in your photos. There are noise filter plugins in Adobe photoshop that you can use so that you will be...[more]

Using a Film Grain Plugin for Photoshop

Sometimes a digital photograph may not look realistic due to the lack of the all-familiar film grain look. You can change this if you are using Adobe Photoshop as the image editor. To accomplish...[more]

Using a Soft Filter Plugin for Photoshop

Applying a soft filter for any photograph requires the use of a specialized lens by the photographer. A soft filter plug-in, however, allows you to apply these effects without using the filter. This is...[more]

Using Gimp 2 for Beginners

Gimp 2 is a very powerful image editing application, which can be used to touch up photos and make them look better. What's more, Gimp is also freeware and is very easy to use....[more]

3 Reasons to Get the Free Gimp Download

There are many reasons to get the free Gimp download. Being that Gimp is a free program, downloading the program will only cost you a few minutes of your time. Gimp is compatible with...[more]

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