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3 Key Features of PicturesToExe

PicturesToExe is a slideshow-making program that is made by WNSoft. PicturesToExe allows you to easily create professional looking slideshows that contain music, photos and/or videos. PicturesToExe is available in a standard and deluxe edition...[more]

Flash Slideshow Maker: Picking Templates

Flash Slideshow Maker is a popular software solution that is designed, developed and maintained by the software authoring company called Socusoft. The software is the current industry standard for converting photographs on your computer...[more]

3 Reasons to Buy Flash Slideshow Maker

Flash SlideShow Maker is a well-developed software program which aims at giving the user the chance to make animated slideshows, transforming the digital photos to SWF format – Macromedia Flash format. The program is...[more]

3 Essential Features of Flash Slideshow Maker

Flash Slideshow Maker is a program that allows you to create photo albums to display on your website. It is compatible with Windows operating systems only. A few of the essential features of Flash...[more]

DVD Photo Slideshow: The Basics

DVD Photo Slideshow can be used to create professional looking slideshows of your digital photos. Digital cameras have made it very easy to take photos. However, most of these photos will stay on your...[more]

3 Cool Features of DVD Photo Slideshow

DVD Photo Slideshow, which is made by Socusoft, is an easy to use DVD photo slideshow creation program. In addition to creating DVD photo slideshows, DVD Photo Slideshow is also capable of creating MPEG...[more]

3 Reasons to Use DVD Photo Slideshow

DVD Photo SlideShow is a new software program for creating photo slideshows and burning them onto a DVD so that you can watch them on your TV. They are also great to post on...[more]

3 Key Features of MegaView

MegaView is an easy to use photo and multimedia viewing program. MegaView can handle everything from viewing photos and multimedia to editing photos and helping you share your photos and multimedia with your friends...[more]

An Overview of Smart Pix Manager

Smart Pix Manager is an image, document and video management software program that is compatible with the Windows operating system. This program is aimed at beginners, and it allows you to organize and edit...[more]

Comparing Smart Pix Manager and MegaView

Smart Pix Manager is a fully featured and functional media management solution for your image and multimedia collections. The software allows you to view, search and categorize files present on your various hard disks...[more]

3 Key Features of Smart Pix Manager

Smart Pix Manager is a photo and slideshow management program that is made by Xequte Software. Smart Pix Manager makes it easy for you to manage, organize and view your photos. Smart Pix Manager...[more]

DVD PixPlay: Making a Slideshow

DVD PixPlay is a useful software package which can be used to turn your photos into an attractive slideshow. It's a useful way to get your photos off your computer and start enjoying them....[more]

3 Cool Features of DVD PixPlay

DVD PixPlay is an easy to use DVD photo slideshow creation program that is made by Xequte Software. DVD PixPlay allows you to take your favorite content, such as photos, videos, and audio, and...[more]

3 Reasons to Use DVD PixPlay

DVD PixPlay is a comprehensive DVD and VCD creator that allows you to make your own slideshows from your digital images and burn them to a DVD or Video CD (then play them on...[more]

Using Virtual Tour Maker

Virtual Tour Maker allows you to create a complete 360-degree interactive view of a home. Whether it is a banquet hall, residential home, commercial property, a hotel or even a restaurant, Virtual Tour Maker...[more]

What Does Watermark Factory Do?

Watermark Factory can be used to protect your images by watermarking them. This makes it possible to easily add an image or text as a watermark over the top of an image. This can...[more]

3 Key Features of Watermark Factory

Watermark Factory is a great program that allows you to add image and text watermarks to any image. If you are a professional photographer, it is a good idea to apply a watermark to...[more]

6 Reasons to Use Watermark Factory

Adding a watermark, signature or text to your photos is now made easy by Watermark Factory. Have you ever had the surprise of seeing your photos being used on another site without permission? This...[more]

An Overview of Picture Doctor

Picture Doctor, as the name suggests, helps in correcting or recovering damaged files in different formats. If you have image files that have been corrupted due to usage of other software on an external...[more]

7 Reasons to Use Picture Doctor for Picture Recovery

Picture Doctor is a program you can use to restore damaged or corrupted files. Files that have been revived shall then be saved in BMP format. File formats that are supported by this recovery...[more]

Private Photo Album: An Overview

Private Photo Album is a photo viewing application that enables you to keep certain images private with good encryption and password protection. This software is ideal for keeping certain photos inaccessible to others, and...[more]

3 Key Features of Red Eye Removal

As you would expect, Red Eye Removal is a program that makes it easy for you to remove red eye from subjects in your photos. Red Eye Removal is compatible with Windows computers only....[more]

3 Reasons to Buy Red Eye Removal

Red Eye Removal is a software program that enables you to deal with red eyes effect easily, removing them from your pictures. The result can be achieved within seconds since the software can correct...[more]

Batch Picture Resizer: An Overview

Batch Picture Resizer makes it very simple for professional photographers to adjust and resize all of their photos in one go. This means that photographers will be able to automate the process of resizing...[more]

3 Reasons to Buy Batch Picture Resizer

Batch Picture Resizer is a very useful program for people who work with lots of pictures and need to edit them. Typically, editing or resizing many pictures one by one takes a lot of...[more]

Batch Picture Resizer: Key Features

Batch Picture Resizer is a useful tool for anyone who has lots of photos. This means that the tool is perfectly suited for professional photographers. The software automatically resizes and adds watermarks to images...[more]

3 Great Features of Silver Efex Pro

Silver Efex Pro, which is made by Nik Software, is a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, and Apple Aperture. Silver Efex Pro comes with tools that will help you create professional looking black...[more]

Understanding the Interface of HDR Efex Pro

HDR Efex Pro is has a high dynamic range photography interface that works intuitively. Most similar products are very complex and highly technical, making them difficult to use. This is where HDR Efex Pro...[more]

Using Portrait Professional For Close Up Photos

Portrait Professional helps to enhance portraits through its many features and tools--from making an image more presentable to transforming the look of the model--by correcting inconsistencies in the pictures. Here is how this software...[more]

What Is Collage Maker?

If you want to present your photographs in a unique pattern, then Collage Maker is a program you should consider. It allows you to make collages of your photographs and display your memories in...[more]

Using Dfine for Noise Reduction

Dfine is a program used to correct Noise, or inconsistencies created by digital cameras. Here are some of the steps involved in the reduction of noise. Step 1: Initial Procedure You will need to...[more]

Proshow Style Pack Grunge Appeal: An Overview

ProShow Style Pack is software that helps you to enhance your presentations with a collection of subtle yet impressive effects. It is a great way to make your layouts, animations and shows look great....[more]

Topaz Adjust: Adjustment Features

Topaz Adjust is software used to improvise and enhance images. You can create great images at a fast speed due to its simple-to-use features. It has a great set of adjustment features that are...[more]

Why Buy Web Cam Monitor?

Anyone using a webcam will be able to use Web Cam Monitor to turn their computer into a security system. Security cameras can be very expensive, however, a webcamera is very inexpensive. This software turns...[more]

Motion Detection Software: From Webcam to Surveillance Cam

Motion detection software can be used to turn any standard webcam into a sophisticated security camera. This software is very popular because webcameras are affordable and easy to find. The software presents a very...[more]

3 Reasons to Buy Comic Life

Comic Life is a sophisticated program that gives you the chance to create comics from your pictures within a few minutes. You can create picture albums and instruction booklets the easy way, making use...[more]

What Is Comic Life?

Comic Life, available for both Mac and PC users, is a program that was developed by Plasq. It comes automatically on Intel Macs, as it is part of the company's bundle. About the Program...[more]

Stoik: Using Color By Numbers

Color By Numbers from Stoik is software for converting digital photos into a pattern which is used for painting by numbers. This pattern needs to be printed and then can be given to kids...[more]

3 Great Features of Mask Pro

Mask Pro is a program that is made by onOne Software that is designed to remove unwanted backgrounds. Mask Pro works with 8 bit and 16 bit images and is compatible with Adobe Photoshop....[more]

Three Reasons to Buy DVD Lab Pro

DVD Lab Pro is a DVD authoring program that is made by Media Chance. Given the full range features that are included with DVD Lab Pro, DVD Lab Pro is recommended for advanced users....[more]

Converting JPG to Video with JPGVideo

Converting JPG to video is very easy when using software such as JPGVideo. As JPG or JPEG files are all still images, they need to be combined to make a video file. By doing...[more]

What Is Jpeg Imager?

JPEG Imager is a program which compresses images as well as several other functions for JPEG images. Although this format falls under the compression category, it does not make a noticeable difference to the...[more]

Understanding Autostitch

Autostitch is a program that takes panoramic imaging to the next level. It automatically determines which images can be “stitched” together to form a larger and more complete panoramic image. Simply input pictures and...[more]

An Overall Look at Ashampoo Photo Commander

Ashampoo Photo Commander has all the tools required to bring in order, edit and share your audio, video and digital photography files. It is a one stop shop for photo editing, searching and sharing....[more]

Ashampoo Photo Commander: Version 8 Enhancements

Ashampoo Photo Commander is comprehensive software for managing, sharing and editing digital photos. The software has undergone changes with the release of version 8, which incorporates various enhancements. Better Interface and Management Features The...[more]

Arles Image Web Page Creator: An Overview

Arles Image Web Page Creator is easy to use software for creating online galleries of your digital images. The software has advanced features and tools which lets you manage your images, enhance them, and...[more]

Album Express: An Overview

Album Express is a useful tool for any photographer who wants to showcase his photographs. There are many different methods which can be used to display your photos. However, some of these are quite...[more]

MemoryMixer: An Overview

A scrapbook software program from Lasting Impressions, MemoryMixer allows you to turn your digital photos into a vivid memory experience. Choose from a wide array of scrapbook albums and designs to suit your taste...[more]

3 Reasons to Buy MemoryMixer

MemoryMixer is an innovative and fun tool that helps you complete your scrapbooking projects; it is a software program you can use to create a calendar, a photo book or a portfolio. You can...[more]

MemoryMixer: 4 Great Features For Scrapbooking

MemoryMixer is an excellent scrapbooking software tool that will help you transform your digitalized memories into a true multimedia experience. The program has quite a few wonderful features, but four of them stand out...[more]

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