Increasing Productivity with PhotoPlus

PhotoPlus allows its users to be more productive than ever, by providing a number of new improvements over its previous versions and the competition. The following tutorial describes various features that make you more productive by improving the workflow.

New User Interface

The PhotoPlus presents a spanking new user interface that saves time on multiple operations by providing just the right layout. This allows for a very intuitive positioning of the various tools that you need to locate to get working. Apart from these, the workspace features tabbed areas to maximize the usage of space and create more intuitive and clear icons.

Automatic How-To Bar

The automatic how-to bar is an unprecedented feature in this category and provides a very simple walkthrough for users to accomplish tasks with ease. The bar features a simple ‘Do this for me’ feature to do a number of automated tasks without user intervention.

Tutorial Bank

The PhotoPlus features a comprehensive tutorial databank that shows you exactly how to perform each and every task with details on tips and tricks to get you moving faster than ever before. These tutorials serve as a handy reference while working.

Increased Compatibility and Processing Power

PhotoPlus features increased compatibility with industry standard file formats to shave off valuable time of your workflow processing. Also, the software is modeled to handle multi-core threading to take full advantage of the processing power in the machine.

Apart from the above, PhotoPlus also features the ability to create and save macros to perform repeated tasks on an increased frequency. This is well complemented by a large number of customizable keyboard shortcuts.