Importing Still Images and Graphics into Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro allows you to import most still images and graphic formats that are supported by Apple's QuickTime technology. With Final Cut Pro, you can create a sequence based on still images that are captured from a digital camera, scanned from a book or photo or even downloaded from the Internet. You can also capture standard or high-definition images from a video camera or graphics or images created with popular desktop publishing applications. Importing still images and other graphics into Final Cut Pro is easy, and this simple how-to guide will show you everything you need to know.

What You Will Need

  • A computer with Final Cut Pro installed
  • Still images or graphics to import

Step 1: Compare the Image or Graphic Files to Be Imported

Before you import still images or graphics files into Final Cut Pro, you need to make sure that they are processed using a format that support RGB mode. Final Cut Pro will not work with images that use the CMYK color scale. Also, you should try to make sure that your images are stored on the same scratch drive as your other media files you're working with. Final Cut Pro also doesn't import EPS graphics files.

(Tip - Before importing still images into Final Cut Pro, you should try to minimize the size of the image. Final Cut Pro must scale images before displaying them in your event browser, and really large image files may take a long time to load. Therefore, you should use an external graphics program to scale the still images down before importing them into Final Cut Pro.)

Step 2: Locate the Import Files Option

Go to the Final Cut Pro menu and select 'File | Import' and then 'Files'.

Step 3: Find the Images You Want to Import

Once you have the import file dialog box open, navigate to the folder on your computer where your still image files are stored. Select the files and double-click the ones that you want to import into your Final Cut Pro project.

Step 4: Set Properties for Images in the Clip

Again, go to the 'File' menu and then select 'show info'. On the page that pops up, adjust the duration of the clip to the length you desire. (Note - Final Cut Pro's default format for all imported still images is a clip that consists of two minutes of identical video frames. The clip also comes preconfigured with in and out points of 10 seconds in duration. When working with still images in a sequence, you won't be able to view them on an NTSC external monitor until the clip is rendered.)

Step 5: Finalize the Import of the Still Images into Final Cut Pro

Once you have set the properties for the still images to be imported into Final Cut Pro, you can simply drag the files you want to use into your project viewer. After the files are in your event browser, you can then continue working with your video project as you normally would or save the project for editing later.

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