Importing Photoshop Images into DVD Studio Pro

Photoshop images can be imported over into DVD Studio Pro, formatted through an Adobe Photo Shop PSD file. The images have to be visible in Photoshop. You can use the Import Asset feature, which will allow you to click the Import Asset icon on the toolbar, or click the Import Button on the Assets tab. You can also use the shortcut menu Asset tab to help import directly to the Assets tab. It is wise to make folders in the Asset tab prior to importing them. You can do this at any time, however. You can also drag images or assets to the Assets tab to import them. The steps for these methods will be described below.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • Photoshop images you want to import
  • DVD Studio Pro

Importing from Photoshop from within the Assets Tab

Select the folder in the Assets tab that you would like to import the asset into.

Click File, Import, then Asset. Hold down the Control key as you click on the folder or area of the Assets tab, then select Import from the menu. On the Assets tab, click on Import. Next, click Import Asset on the toolbar, then double click an empty spot on the Assets tab. You cannot import an asset more than once, and it is only able to show up once in the Assets tab. If you want to use an asset in the Assets tab multiple times, you are able to do that.

The assets are then imported into the Assets tab.  If you choose a folder, all of its contents will be imported into the Assets tab including sub folders. 

Dragging Assets to the Assets Tab

In your palette or the 'finder' module, choose the assets you would like to import. 

Drag the asset to an empty area on the Assets tab. If you are importing them to a certain folder in the Assets tab, you will need to drag them directly to that folder. If you choose a folder in the Finder module, such as a Photoshop folder, the asset files will be added in the Assets tab. If that folder has any assets that cannot be supported by DVD studio pro, you will see a message appear. 

You can drag images to the Menu Editor. If you have multiple assets of the same type, you can drag them all. If you drag a folder from Photoshop that contains all images, you will be able to even create a slide show. 

Dragging Assets to the Track Editor

You can drag images to the Track Editor or even multiple images, but you cannot drag a folder.

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