Importing Photos from Your Digital Camera to Aperture

You can import photos from your digital camera to Aperture, a photo software program by Apple. Before you begin, connect your camera to the computer and turn it on. Otherwise, you can put the memory card in a card reader and connect that via USB cable.

Preparing to Import

Before importing your photos you need to select a destination project for them. Projects in Aperture are the equivalent of iPhoto's Events. You can use Aperture to decide where on your hard drive you want these images to be stored. If these images are already on your hard drive then you can choose to leave them where they are.


To begin importing your images, click the Import button. A window will appear, and you will select the device from which you want to import your photos. If you're importing from a hard drive then use the file browser to navigate which folder you're photos are in. Aperture displays all the photos that are available for import as thumb nails. You can either choose to select all the photos or individually choose which ones you wish to import. If you need to see a larger view of the photo. Double click it to show each individual photo. Use the arrow keys to navigate between photos in this mode.

Once you have selected what you want to import and where you want to store it, click the Import button to bring these images into Aperture so you can start editing. You can begin editing your photos while Aperture is still bulk uploading.

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