iMatch: Good for Amateurs and Pros

iMatch is a great program that allows you to quickly and easily manage and organize your photos. iMatch even comes with tools that can help you edit and enhance your photos. iMatch has a user friendly interface and comes with features that amateur and professional photographers alike will love. iMatch is only compatible with Windows operating systems. This guideline will go over a few of the best features of iMatch so you can get a feel for the program. Other great features of iMatch that are not discussed below include metadata display, side-by-side comparisons, XMP support, removable media handling and GPS data integration.

Amateur Photographers

iMatch is loaded with cool features for amateur photographers. One of the best features of iMatch is the fact that iMatch allows you to organize with categories. Basically, that allows you to create categories that you can then create photo albums in. For example, you can create a Vacations category and then create photo albums for each vacation that you have taken. iMatch will only display the category names that you have created, but you can display the photo albums by simply clicking on the arrow next to the category.

iMatch also allows you to manage your RAW files. RAW files are images that are taken directly from your digital computer. Some photo management programs will make you convert your RAW image files to a popular image format, such as JPG or BMP, before you can load those photos in the program. Being that iMatch supports RAW image files, the top quality of your photos will be retained because there are no conversions involved. iMatch supports RAW image files from most digital camera brands, such as Nikon, Canon, Fuji, Olympus, Kodak and Sony.

Professional Photographers

iMatch makes it easy for professional photographers to manage and organize their photos. For professional photographers, one of the best features of iMatch is a customizable workflow and automation. You are able to launch other photo applications directly from iMatch, which means iMatch can fully integrate itself with your existing workflow. iMatch comes with a wide variety of integration scripts, but you can even create your own if a script is not provided that is capable of integrating iMatch with the photo database that you are currently using.

Do you have multiple computers, such as a desktop and laptop? If so, you might want to have a photo management program on both. iMatch is user bound, which means you can install iMatch on as many computers as you would like. iMatch even comes with a replication tool that allows you to copy your iMatch database so you can load it on any other computer that has a copy of iMatch that is registered to you. If you are working out in the field, you will probably have a laptop with you, but you might want those photos on your desktop, too. Being that you can easily replicate your database, the days of having to enter IPTC or other information twice are over.