ImageFolio Pro 101

ImageFolio Pro is an independent web-based management software that's being used by thousands of websites. It helps you view, maintain and publish your photo and video albums and galleries. With this software, you are able to batch process uploads and downloads, depending on the access specifications that have been set. This is accomplished by the Lightbox function.

Lightbox Manager

A lightbox is your own collection of photos (and other files) stored in a digital “box.” This box can be viewed by friends and colleagues depending on what viewing level the user has set. The lightbox is sort of like a “favorites” folder of a user where significant and relevant files are stored.

Customize User Registration

Other users can register and gain access to your ImageFolio gallery, and you can customize the database depending on your needs.

Skins Configuration

You can choose a lot of skins that will fit your style and you also have the option to modify them further to make your own custom skins.

Customizing Pages and User Configuration

This software also gives you the chance to customize your own page and user configuration. For example, you can either view thumbnails vertically or horizontally.

Global Header and Footer

Set-up your header or footer just once, and they will appear on all images. You don’t have to keep placing them all the time. They can also be edited at any time and placed anywhere.

Image Protection

Aside from the usual watermark protection, it also offers other image protection methods, such as print protection, where only a black page will be printed. Copy protection is provided by keeping a user from right clicking in order to copy your image. If a user attempts to email an image, a blank email is sent. ImageFolio values your rights.