Image Compressor: An Overview

Image Compressor provides you with the tools to work on an image right after importing it, with tools for copying, capturing, retouching, comparing, compressing and much more. It is used very widely and helps to reduce the bandwidth costs for websites and also individual PC users. It is equipped with a lot of helpful tools for both professionals and interested laymen.

Main Features

The key features of this software include image viewing, image comparison, retouching, compressing, resizing, rotating, watermarking, converting, special effects, image processing and more.

  • Image viewing involves viewing the image in different formats, flipping it and rotating it without losing quality.
  • Image comparison involves an analysis of two selected images to choose the better one among them. It has a scientific comparison mode for professionals and a side-by-side comparison mode for laymen.
  • Resizing and rotating are other features through which users can modify the image further, according to their needs.
  • Watermarking helps in two ways: the user gets to imprint her mark on it and also this will be an obstruction to illegal usage of the photograph. 
  • Special effects help users become more creative and enhance the end product.
  • Batch Image Processing is where in a user can load an unlimited number of files and use the above features on all of these images or files at once.


There are at least 10 versions starting from the year 2006 and the latest one is the Image Compressor 2008. Each of the versions have the above mentioned features and have been improved upon over the years. The latest version lets you add to the list of the digital SLR RAW cameras and it processes at a faster speed.


The price varies with each edition, but each version can be downloaded as a free trail. There is also a limited time free upgrade for most buyers.