How to Work With Layers in Paint Shop Pro

The Paint Shop Pro is truly unique software aiding you through the various creative ordeals and innovations. In this digital age, we are constantly busy in experimenting with the different images and attribute them with our originative impetus. Hence, we come across various techniques on the way and gather new set of knowledge and experiences to accomplish our objective of photo editing and beautify the picture. Here is a step-by-step approach to layers paint shop pro, this will indeed simplify the rather confusing details of working with layers. Working with layers in Paint shop pro is something likechanging the opacity of a layer and protecting the tansparency of the layer by application of the different modes of blending.

Step 1- Open a New File

The first step is opening up a new file with the width set at 200 and the height set at 100. The depth of the color should be 16.7 millions. Keep the background white.

Step 2- Create Layer

Next, create a new layer. Click on the small icon lying on the left hand corner of the layers palette. After that go to the selection tool in the Controls palette and choose the Tool Controls tab. Then set rectangle mode in the selection type and the feather selection should be set to 0.

Step 3- Selection of the Flood Fill Tool

Now, make the selection of the Flood Fill Tool and then fill the selection with a color of your choice. This can be done by setting that color as the foreground color and going to Flood Fill tool and set the Fill Style to Solid Color. This can be done by reaching the Tool Controls. Lastly, click on the selected rectangular area.

Step 4- Select the Selection Tool

This step will include setting the style to Ellipse. The Feather should be set to '0'. Then put off the Anti-alias option.the crosshairs of the cursor should now be placed in the middle of the rectangle filled with color and position it towards the left. Draw it downwards until you get an ellipse covering parts of the rectangle to the left side.

Step 5- Turn on the Protect Transparency Toggle

As the Protect Transparency Toggle is set on, the small green lock lying next to the name of the layer will turn red.

Step 6- Change the Foreground Color

The shade of the foreground color should be changed to gray. Then the Flood Fill tool needs to be selected. The Fill Style should be set to Solid Color and the selected area should be clicked.

Step 6- Go to the Selection Tool

The Selection tool needs to be selected and then set it to Rectangle. Turn off the Anti-aliasing.Then select the Flood fill tool, set the Fill Style to Linear Gradient, match mode to RGB. The Tolerance level should be set to '0' and the Opacity to 100%. Lastly, click the Options button. The angle should be set to 180 degree and then press OK.

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