How to Watermark Images with Paint Shop Pro

Paint Shop Pro is indeed an amazing photo-fixing tool to create dazzling images. You can edit your favorite photos by means of Photo Shop Pro and attribute it with the perfect creative impute rioting your mind. Once you are finished with transforming your image to the mode, your heart desired, the next step is to keep the photograph safe from any abuse or to proclaim your name as the creator of it. The best way to do this is to watermark the photograph. The watermark technique actually adds up to an image of the name of the individual or a company logo and even a copyright over the picture. This prevents the photograph to be copied by any  one without securing permission from the  photographer or the artist.The layering ability of Paint Shop Pro is indeed a helpful technique to watermark images.Below mentioned are the basic steps to watermark a picture with Paint Shop Pro.

Step 1- Open up the picture

The first step includes browsing your computer to get the desired imageto be protected or watermarked. Then, open the image.

Step 2- Resize

If you will find that your image is either too large or too small, then you should go to the Resize dialog box and select the image, Resize option. You can choose the option called, "Percentage of Original" and set a new size for the image. It might take you couple of tries to get the ideal combination of image and watermark. In order to change the size that will not suit you, just go to Edit and then "Undo"and you will be reverted to the original image.

Step 3- Select the Watermarked Image

As the watermark image will resemble the accurate size, go to "Selection", and choose 'Select All' in order to select the entire image watermarked.

Step 4- Create New Layer

In order to make the image active, just click on its title bar. Then go to Edit and paste the image watermarked on the active image for creating a new layer. If the watermark will not fill the whole of the new layer, then fill the spaces around with white. In order to do it, the foreground colour should be set in white. Go to the "Flood Fill" tool and choose "Fill Style". Select Solid Colour from the Controls palette and then click anywhere in the space that needs to be filled. When the background is white, then the name, signature, logo, or whatever you have chosen as a watermark could be in black, making itself more vivid.They should be put in the new layer above the original image, which should be watermarked.

Step 5- Give the Final Touch

As the grayscale layer will be changed to watermark, then the image will show the final attribute. As the Layer Blend Mode will be changed, the image will be finally protected. There are several layers available in the Layer Blend Mode. They offer splendid effects indeed. So play around with them and find the perfect choice among them.

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