How to View Clips in Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere allows you to easily view clips much in the same way you would view them on a normal video monitor. Adobe Premiere allows you to preview clips within the program and also allows you to quickly edit the clips directly from the user interface. This how to guide will explain how to view video clips in Adobe Premiere in a few simple steps.

What You Will Need

  • A computer with Adobe Premiere installed
  • Video footage to edit in the

Step 1: Connect Your Camcorder or Deck to Your Computer

Connect your camcorder or deck to your computer via a FireWire or USB cable connection. Then, make sure that the computer correctly recognizes the device.

Step 2: Open Adobe Premiere

Open Adobe Premiere by going to its shortcut icon in Windows or choosing the icon on the dock on the desktop of your Mac computer.

Step 3: Open the Project Window in Adobe Premiere

Open the project window for the Adobe project that contains the clips you want to view in your source monitor. You can do this by going to 'File | Open Project', and then double-clicking on the project you want to open.

Step 4: Import Project clips into the Monitor Source Window

Once the project folder is open, you can begin selecting clips or multiple clips by double-clicking on the clips that are listed in your project folder. Once you double-click on a clip, it will be transferred to the source monitor window.

Step 5: Use Navigation Controls to View the Clip

Once you have brought a clip into your source monitor window, you can use the VCR type controls directly beneath the clip to perform basic playback commands. With the controls, you can play, pause or stop, or fast-forward or rewind the clip you are viewing.

Step 6: Viewing Multiple Clips in the Source Monitor

You can use your mouse and the control key to select multiple clips in the project window. Then, you can drag and drop them into your source monitor and view a list of the available clips by clicking on the arrow that is directly above the video screen of the source monitor. Once you click on the source monitor selection arrow, you can choose which clip you want to view in your source monitor.

Step 7: Close an Open Clip in the Source Monitor

Once you have previewed a clip in the source monitor, you can also use the arrow above the clip to close the clip. To do this, click on the arrow above the source monitor and then choose the Close option. Additionally, you can close all the open clips by choosing to Close All option. (Note - Removing a clip from the source monitor will not remove it from your project folder.)

Step 8: Working with Audio Clips in the Source Monitor

You can also preview audio clips in your source monitor in the same way as you do video files. So, if you want to hear an audio clip, simply drag-and-drop it from your project folder into the source monitor screen, and click on the play button control.

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