How to Use Xenofex

Xenofex 2 is a web design software and special effects program that allows you to manipulate images and photographs. Xenofex is a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop, and it allows you to further manipulate your photos, including adding additional lighting or clouds. While you should be familiar with Photoshop to use this tool, Xenofex is really easy to learn, and even beginners will be able to quickly catch onto this program.

Step 1: Selecting an Image

When deciding on an image for the Xenofex plug-in, look for one that already looks like it could be animated. Generally, these are usually ones that already have some type of action occurring or at least look like something is about to happen.

For example, a wall with someone standing in front of it with a hammer or ax would be perfect. It already seems as if something is going to happen.

Step 2: Creating a New Layer

In Photoshop, change the background into a new layer by selecting and dragging it onto the New Layer icon. Create six new layers using this procedure. Deselect the visibility icons on all the layers, except for the original background and the second to last layer. The visibility icons look like little eyes.

Step 3: Adding the Xenofex Effects

Now, go into the Xenofex plug-in, and select the effect that you would like to use from the Filter menu. Since the example was for a wall, select the Shatter options to break apart the wall.

Select the original background layer, and adjust the settings to your liking. Generally, however, the time slider should be set to about nine. Select OK. Do this for the rest of the layers; your layers’ time values will break down like this: 18, 25, 45 and then 90 for the bottom three layers.

Go to Save, and then Save as MyFile.psd.

Step 4: Animating the Images in Image Ready

You can’t animate objects in Photoshop, but you can in Image Ready. In this program, you can set how fast the animation should progress and whether or not you would like delays. Then, you can preview the entire sequence.