How to Use the Paint Shop Pro Suntan Tool to Enhance Skin Color and Tone

Skin color tone is one of the many features you can alter in Paint Shop Pro. There is a suntan tool that will help you to change the skin color to any that you would like. As long as you are cautious when using this tool you will be able to make tans look natural. Below are the necessary steps you will need to take to add a suntan to any picture.

Step 1 - Select a Picture

It is a good idea to start off easy and get a picture that will be easy to alter. Choose one where the light is good and there aren't a lot of shadows covering the skin that needs to be changed. Also try to choose a picture where there is not a lot of skin that is showing. Once you have gotten accustomed to the tool as well as the process, then choose a photo that shows more skin and challenge yourself with it.

Step 2 - Zoom

Start by zooming in to a 'comfortable' range. You're going to really need to zoom in later when you are working with the smaller areas but get a good start by zooming in where you will be applying the most amounts of color, then go from there.

Step 3 - Makeover

Your 'makeover' option is going to be provided to you on the left hand side of the screen on the tool bar. The 'suntan' tool is in the 'makeover' drop box area right where your tool bar is located on the left side of your screen.

Step 4 - Adjustments

From here you will need to make the necessary adjustments to the strength as well as the size. The size will depend on the area that you are working on. The size is going to alter the size of the brush.

The strength is going to be dependent on how dark you want the tan to be. The higher the strength, the darker the tan will be. To make it look natural, use this option sparingly. You'll especially want to not add very much strength if the person you are modifying has a very light complexion. Play around with the strength to get a good idea of where it should be on your subject.

Step 5 - Painting the Tan

Once you have chosen a strength that you are comfortable with you'll move your cursor onto the area you wish to modify. From here you are going to 'paint' your tan onto the skin. Be sure to only paint the skin. Try to keep from getting any of the tan on the clothing, hair, lips and eyes. For any areas that are close to the sections that you are going to want to avoid, you'll need to zoom in more and probably adjust the size of the tool.

Once you have finished with all of the areas, it is a good idea to zoom out to get a good idea of what the full picture looks like.

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