How to Use the Paint Shop Pro Rectangle Tool

If you want to use Paint Shop Pro rectangle tool then you have to follow some simple steps. Paint Shop Pro 9 is the ideal version to work with rectangular shapes.  Here's tutorial for how Paint Shop Pro Rectangle Tool works.

Step 1- Start working with PSP

To create a new rectangle, you have to open a new image in the Paint Shop Pro. There is preset version in the New Image dialog box, but it is better to erase the mark near the transparent. Remember to select a colour for the background.

Step 2- Open Tools toolbar

Just open the Tools toolbar. You will find the bluish Rectangle Tool towards its bottom. In the Tool Options-Rectangle Tool you will find several controls like Mode, Show Nodes, Create on Vector, Horizontal and Vertical Radius, Line Style, Line Width, Join. Anti-alias and Miter and Join settings.

Step 4- Apply colours

You have to keep in mind the colour combination of background and foreground sections. One should be light and other should be dark. To work with colours, put a dark colour in the background option of the Materials Palette and a lighter one in the foreground swatch of the palette.

Step 5: Draw Rectangles

To draw rectangle, you have to click and drag the mouse cursor to generate a rectangle. Make sure to make visible the Layer Palette. To rename the drawn object you have to right click the Layer Palette and select the renaming option. Type the new name according to your subject.

Step 6: Create smaller boxes

Now, select white as the background colour on the palette. Drag and draw a smaller rectangle. Ensure to mark keep the Show Nodes as marked. Select the required length and breadth and then click the Apply tab.

Step 7: Place the boxes

Look at the Too Options Palette. There is a group of controls named 'Position on Canvas'. You have to select the second option from the left side to place the boxes horizontally at the centre of the background canvas.

Step 8: Create duplicate boxes

Right click on the smaller box then select the 'Copy' option from the opened up menu. To create duplicate boxes, just press Ctrl+G to paste the copied box. Create duplicates as many times as you want and rename them.

Step 9: Ensure a proper a alignment

Select Object Alignment from the Tool Options. Clicking the first icon will align the tops of the smaller boxes. Clicking the fourth tab of the Object Distribution list will place the boxes in the same distance from each other. The Group tab of the Tool Options will group the boxes.

Step 10: Rename and alter the group colour

To rename the grouped boxes you have to right click Group 1 tab on the Layer Palette and select the 'Rename' option. Type the name according to the topic. With the help of Vector Property box on the Layer Palette, change the colour of the group.

Step 11: Type text

To type the headline in the top rectangular box, you have to select 'Text' from the Material Palette. Type the heading in the 'Text Entry' box. To select the particular font size, go the Tool Options Palette and set the particular font size and type. Wrap this task by clicking 'Apply'. Pressing Ctrl+D will deselect the task.

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