How to Use the Lighting Tool in ACDSee Pro 3

ACDSee Pro 3 helps you manipulate photos and lets you adjust the lighting of a photo through the lighting tool. The following tutorial describes how to use the lightning tool in ACDSee Pro 3:

Step 1: Starting Out

Choose a picture through “manage mode” and click on “process.” This is located on the top portion of your interface. After you have opened the picture that you want adjusted, the simplest and quickest way for you to quick start the lighting tool is by clicking the “+” sign on the drop down box located on the left side of your interface and selecting “advanced.”

Step 2: Learning Basic Shortcuts

The best way for you to do simple edits is by learning shortcuts that would prove useful in navigating through the program. Here are a few tips that you might find useful in editing your photos.

  1. Scrolling your mouse wheel up or down increases and decreases the level of brightness applied to your photo.
  2. Holding down the shift key while scrolling your mouse wheel up or down would apply darkening instead of brightening.
  3. Double clicking your left mouse button automatically sets the optimum brightness level for the specific area you clicked on. A good example of this would be on faces or things that you want pointed out in the photo.
  4. Double clicking your right mouse button to do the exact opposite of pressing the left button twice. This means that instead of setting the optimum brightness level, it will set the optimum darkness level for the specific area.
  5. Holding down CTRL and double clicking the left mouse button would make a specific area brighter while darkening the rest of the areas. This is also great if you want to make something stand out.

Step 3: Understanding the Lighting Graph

There are a lot of features that come with ACDSee Pro 3 that will let you edit your photos in countless ways. When you are editing a photo, you will notice that there are bars and graphs in the left side of your interface. These are very helpful especially if you know what they are. The top portion of the black and white graph corresponds to the level of brightening, while the bottom half is for the level of darkening applied.

Step 4: Manually Editing Your Photos

While there are several shortcuts available, you can always edit photos manually. This will let you adjust lighting according to your own preference. While you are in the editing menu, you will notice your mouse cursor change into a double arrow cursor. While in this mode, pressing the left mouse button and dragging it up will make a specific area brighter, and dragging it downwards would make the area darker.