How to Use the Eraser Tool in Paint Shop Pro

The eraser tool can be used for several different projects in paint shop pro. You can choose the size of the eraser and zoom in as much as possible to get in to all of the hard to see areas of any photo. There are plenty of different types of eraser tools that all have different functions and features. Provided to you below is a list of the necessary steps you will need to go through to get more in touch with your eraser tool.

Step 1 - Creating Layers for Background and Regular Eraser

Once you have opened up your image that you wish to use this tool on, you'll need to begin by making a brand new layer. In order to do this you'll go to the layer palette. From there you will need to right click on the original image layer and pick the 'duplicate' option. This will provide you with a new layer to play around with. There is a little eyeball that you can click on to completely turn the first layer off. It will not get rid of the layer but simply hide it. You can turn it back on at any time.

Step 2 - Using Background and Regular Eraser

Once you have your layers in order it will be time to move the mouse over onto the toolbar. The toolbar is on the left hand side of your screen. From here you will be able to choose either the 'eraser' or the 'background eraser'. Play around with both of them until you get a good feel for them. In order to erase, simply move the mouse over the desired image and hold down the left button on the mouse and move it around on top of your image.

Step 3 - Eraser Options

When you have clicked on a tool then the 'tool options' bar will allow you to choose the size of the brush as well as other options such as 'tolerance'. This adjustment will determine how much you erase. If you wish to use the 'tolerance' adjustment, then the 'auto tolerance' box should be unchecked.

The 'auto tolerance' option is best with the 'background eraser' tool. This will determine the tolerance depending on where you click in the path. The tolerance will more than likely change depending on where you have the mouse on the image.

The size of the eraser should of course depend on the size of the image that you are erasing. The more that you have to zoom into the picture, the smaller your eraser brush should be.

If you wish to have your eraser erase objects into complete and total transparency then you will need to set the 'opacity' to one hundred percent. Play around with the 'opacity' to determine what percentage will work best for your image.

Step 4 - Experiment

The best way to get a good feel of any tools in Paint Shop Pro is by playing around with them. If at any time you have problems, then the 'help' button will be able to guide you through.

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