How to Use Print House Magic

Corel Print House Magicis a fairly simple image editing and photo manipulation package. This is aimed at the casual user who doesn't need the more advanced features provided by PaintShop Pro or other Corel products. This software is easy to use to perform all sorts of editing tasks.

Opening Images

When you have loaded the application, it will look like any other image editor. You will then need to click on File, Open and choose the file that you want to open and edit. When opening the images, it might take some time to complete depending on the size and resolution of the photos.


Like virtually any other photo editing application, there are a number of filters which can be applied to your images. These include sharpen, blurs and color balance. Correction filers also help to make the most out of the photos that you have taken. These can be found in the filters menu of the program. Selecting them will automatically apply them to the photo you have opened.


Another must have feature which is included is the ability to crop images. Cropping images is very simple. First, select the crop tool from the tool box and then drag a box around the area that you want to keep. Double click inside the box to crop the image.

Clone Stamp

The clone stamp tool can be used to remove various elements from your photo. This can be used by selecting it from the toolbox. Then, hold down control and click somewhere that you want to copy. Use the brush to copy the area.