How to Use Photoshop Shapes Creatively

If you are just learning to use Photoshop or are just hoping to add some new tricks to your Photoshop arsenal, learning how to creatively use Photoshop shapes can be a great technique. Below you will find several ideas for how to implement this effect.

Using Pre-Loaded Shapes

Every version of Photoshop comes loaded with a number of stock shapes that you can use to create effects in your photos. To access these shapes, select the "Custom Shapes" option. You can use these shapes as overlays for photos to create an artistic effect on your photos. Use the blending feature liberally to create various effects with stock shapes in your photographs.

Making Your Own Shapes

In addition to using the slate of pre-loaded shapes that come standard with Photoshop, you can also make your own shapes and use them to your artistic heart's content. To do this, start with a blank document and use the pen and paths tool to create and connect points on your document. Clicking and dragging a point will create a curved line. Once you have enclosed a completed shape, you can save it by selecting "Edit > Define Custom Shape." Once you have done this, you can use your own custom shapes in the same way that you would use the pre-loaded shapes described above.

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