How to Use PhotoKit

PhotoKit Sharpener is designed to make it easy to sharpen digital photographs. Sharpening digital photos will make it much easier to see the details in the photo. While sharpening digital photos is very important, it's something that few people understand. Sharpening can be done easily in most applications. Using PhotoKit is very simple, as it has an easy to use user interface. PhotoKit makes it simple to get great results from your digital photos.

If you do struggle to use the software, then there is a very helpful manual and help file. These should answer most of your questions. There are also online forums which will help you to get the most out of the software.

Why Sharpen Images?

Sharpening digital images will make the photos look much better. There are several reasons why you will need to use PhotoKit to sharpen your images. Cameras will make the scene look slightly softer than it really is, and sharpening can help to solve this. Other times you might want to make your photo look sharper than it really is.

Also, when printing the photos out, this can introduce more softness. By sharpening the image, you can minimize the effect of this. PhotoKit is one of the easiest packages to use to sharpen your images.

Batch Processing

PhotoKit is built with automation in mind. This makes it possible to easily process large batches of images automatically. This is very helpful for professional photographers who want to sharpen all of their photos from a shoot in one go automatically. This is simply a matter of clicking a button and waiting for PhotoKit to finish sharpening all of the images.

Untouched Original

The PhotoKit software package will sharpen and touch up photos without affecting the originals. This is possible because the sharpen masks are applied to the new layers of the image. Because of this, you will be able to use the image without the sharpen mask if you prefer. This makes sure that no matter what happens, your original photograph will be left undamaged.


The software features a number of different effects which are perfect for different types of photos. It's possible to run two different effects on the same photo so that you can take a look at how they both compare. This is possible because the effects are applied in new layers. You will be able to easily compare by disabling the different layers in the layers palette.

Multiple effects can also be stacked and used together. This will create some unique and interesting sharpened pictures.

Sharpening and Smoothing

The PhotoKit software can be used to sharpen and smooth the images. You will need to experiment with these filters to decide which one works the best with your photograph.

Smoothing brushes can also be used to remove unwanted textures to certain parts of the image. These are particularly useful when sharpening photographs of people. The brush can be applied to the skin to make this look more natural. PhotoKit is the easiest package that can be used to make your photos sharper and look much more professional.