How to Use Cool 360 in Corel PhotoImpact

Corel PhotoImpact has a feature called Cool 360 that allows you to combine several photos together. It can be very difficult to take a picture of a tall subject when you are close to the subject. With Cool 360, you can take 3 or 4 shots of the tall subject and combine them together so that you end up with the entire subject in a single photo.

1. Opening Cool 360

Before you open Cool 360 in Corel PhotoImpact, you will need to select the photos that you would like to combine in your workspace. Once the photos are selected, go to Photo and select Cool 360. The photos that you selected will automatically appear in the Cool 360 dialog box as thumbnails.

2. Arranging the Photos

If you are combining photos of a vertical subject, go to Stitch Options, then Layout Style and select Vertical. If you are piecing together a horizontal subject, select horizontal instead. To arrange the photos in the order that they should appear in the new photo, simply click and drag the thumbnail into its new location. If you would like to see how your new photo will look, click on Stitch Preview.

3. Finalizing the New Photo

In the event that you notice a difference in color at the locations where the photos were combined, go to Stitch Options again. Under the Render Quality tab, click "Gradual." If no changes need to be made to your photo, click "OK." Corel PhotoImpact will automatically launch the photo in the workspace. You will notice that there are uneven edges around the photo. To remove these edges, all you have to do is use the Crop tool to crop them out.