How to Use Avid Marquee With Style

It is very easy to use Avid Marquee with style. In Avid Marquee, a style consists of at least one predefined property. The predefined property that a style contains can be animated. This guideline will go over directions for using Avid Marquee with style.

Step 1 - Selecting an Object and Opening the Styles Library

In Avid Marquee, every object has set property values. You will need to select the object that you want to save as a style. Once you have selected the object, you will need to open the Styles Library window. This can be done by going to Window and selecting Library then Styles.

Step 2 - Placing the New Style Definition

Now that you have the Styles Library open, you need to select which folder your new style will be saved to. In Windows you can right click the folder that your style will be saved in. In Mac you will need to hold the Control key on your keyboard and click. When you click on the folder, you will need to select New Styles from the pop-up menu. Avid Marquee does not allow you to save styles to the Avid Styles folder.

Step 3 - Naming the New Style

After you have selected New Styles from the pop-up menu that appeared in step 2, you need to name the style that you have created. This can be done by typing the name for the new style in the Name text box. Unfortunately, Avid Marquee allows multiple styles to be saved with the same name. Always save a style with a unique name so that it can easily be found for later use.

Step 4 - Modifying the Style Properties (optional)

Avid Marquee gives you the option of modifying the properties for the style that you are creating. If you do not wish to modify any of the properties, skip this step. The main properties that you will want to modify are the Deselect Container and Transform properties. By default, these properties are enabled. By leaving them enabled, Avid Marquee will position and size any object that you apply this style to to default values. Generally speaking, you do not want an object re-sized or repositioned, so it is best to uncheck the Deselect Container and Transform properties.

Step 5 - Saving and Using the Created Style

You can save the style that you have created by clicking OK after you have entered a name for the style. The style will automatically appear in the folder that you selected in the Styles Library in Avid Marquee. To apply the style that you have created to an object, you will need to select that object. With the object selected, open the Styles Library by following the directions outlined in step 1. By double clicking on a style from the Styles Library, Avid Marquee will automatically apply the style to the selected object.

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