How to Use Arcsoft PhotoMontage

Arcsoft PhotoMontage makes it possible to create some unique and interesting photographs. Arcsoft Photomontage can be used to combine your photos into interesting collage photos. This will take your original image and make it out of hundreds of smaller pictures.

Step 1: Selecting the Primary Image

When you load the application for the first time, you will see a large button which allows you to select the primary image. Click on the big Get Photo button at the right hand side of the application. Then, find the photo that you want to use by selecting the right album. If the photo you want to use isn't already in an album, then you can create a new album and click the add photo button to add a new photo from your computer.

Click on the photo that you want to use and click on the Okay button. This will bring up a bigger view of the photo that you are planning to use.

Step 2: Editing the Photo

Once you have a big view of the photo loaded, you should then edit it. Click on the Edit Photo button and then move the brightness and contrast sliders to adjust the image until you are happy with it. The crop tool can also be used to remove certain areas of the photo.

Step 3: Building the Montage

Click on the Build Montage button and then choose the images that you want to use to make your photo. Tick all the collections of images that you want to use to make the final montage.

Now you simply need to adjust a few settings. Then, click Okay and wait while the software makes the montage. You can switch between the original and montage view using the buttons at the bottom of the screen.