How to Unlock Effect Packs in Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio is one of the most powerful video editing tool currently available. This makes it possible to edit various formats of video including videos recorded in high definition quality. The software is completely customisable and this means that you will be able to add additional features to make your videos look even more professional.

Adding Extra Features

Pinnacle Studio Pro is a very capable piece of video editing software which makes it possible to do a variety of different things. It is however possible to add extra effects quickly and easily by purchasing and installing effect packs. These effects packs are easy to install and add extra functionality to the software.

These effects packs add additional themes and transition effects to the Studio software. They are not unlocked in the software because they must first be purchased and downloaded. These packs are extensions of the software which will add additional features.

Purchasing Effects Packs

Effects packs can be purchased easily on the Internet from various sites. There are a number of effects packs available to purchase from the Pinnacle estore. These can all be downloaded once you have purchased them. When you have purchased it's then possible to easily install them into Pinnacle Studio Pro.

Effects packs range from $20 to $80 depending on the features added. It's possible to download the entire effect pack if you wish or alternatively you can download just part of it. For example you can download just the menus in a certain effects pack.

Popular Effects Packs

There are a number of popular effects packs which an be downloaded from the pinnacle eStore. Some of the most popular include the Creative Pack and Winter Pack. It's also possible to purchase additional training courses, services and extra effects to make your videos look even more professional. The type of effects packs that you want to purchase will depend on the features that you want to add to the software.

Installing Effects Packs

Once the effects packs are downloaded to your computer they can be installed like most other pieces of software. First you will need to close Pinnacle Studio so that the addons can be installed. Then it's simply a matter of running the installer. This will automatically install the effects packs and update the computer. Normally it's then possible to simply launch the application again and start using the extra features. If not you might need to first restart your computer.

Using the Effects Packs

Once the effects packs are installed you can then start using them straight away. It's really easy to use them because it's simply a matter of selecting the new objects in the Pinnacle Studio window. If you're not sure how to use the pack then you can read the help file which came with it. The help file should contain all the information needed to teach you how to use the software.

If the effects packs are ever updated then you will need to download the newer versions and install these updates. The updates will improve the effects and make them much more stable.

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