How to Touch Up a Photo with Paint Shop Pro

It's fairly simply to touch up photo with great mastery backed up with your imagination and creativity. If you will be doing it with Paint Shop Pro then, it is again a far more fascinating task, as this amazing photo editing software will enliven your image in no time.

Step 1- Scan an Old Image

Get hold of the photo, which you have chanced upon all of a sudden. Scan it and load in your computer. The modern scanners seamlessly work within the Paint Shop Pro and directly deposit the image within the software. It is better to save the scanned image and work on a copy, so that in case of any mistake, the original image can be retrieved.

Step 2- Crop the Image

In order to attain the best size of the image, crop the picture. Very often, it happens that the image is just focused on one element. While cropping the image, be sure not to place the principal subject at the dead center of the image. The best position will be slightly right or left of the center. Use the crop tool to crop the picture and in case you want to remove the cropped effect, use the 'undo' tool.

Step 3- Fine Tune the Image

One of the common problems with most of the images is that, they seem to be either too dark or too bright. The sliders for contrast and brightness can be adjusted in order to have the perfect tone. Use the preview button and observe the effects on your image. Dragging the contrast or brightness window little bit aside will give the ideal result.

Step 4- Cut an Image

If it is required to cut a part of the image, for instance, a face from a particular scene, then it will be better to use the 'masgic wand'. It is a tool, which is used to select an area. It searches for a boundary automatically based on the variation of the color. The freehand select can also be drawn around the figure. It can also be as simple as using the 'eraser tool' and erasing up the unwanted parts of the image

Step 5- Removal of the Blurred Part of the Image

In order to have a blurred effect in the picture, appearing out of the focus, just draw a borderline with a freehand select tool surrounding the area you want to be blurred. Softening the area will also work fine on the image and will offer it with a different attribute altogether.

Step 6- Red Eye Removal

Go to the Effects Tab and there, you will find the overnight flight removal tool under the Enhance Photo selection. 'Red Eye' happens to be an effect caused by the reflection of the flash in the retina at the back of the eyes.

Step 7- Resize the Image

It is best to keep the image as large as possible. Use the file tab in order to fit the image on the paper. The Resize command lying below the Image tab can also be used for shrinking the image. Select the 'Smart Size' option will help you to get rid if the rough edges of the digital images.

Step 8- Save the Image

Lastly, save the image that has been altered. Use 'Save as', instead of 'Save'.

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