How to Straighten Tilted Photos in Paint Shop Pro

As a digital photographer or graphic designer, there are many skills that you will have to learn, including how to straighten photos in Corel Paint Shop Pro. This is a very powerful piece of software that can help perform a wide range of image editing tasks.

Step 1 - Loading the Image

First, you should start by loading the image that is tilted and needs correcting. If this isn't already a digital image, you will need to use a scanner to get it onto your computer. The easiest way to open a file is to click on File and choose Browse. This makes it very easy to locate files by looking at the photos in question.

Step 2 - Selecting the Tool

The tool that you will need to straighten the photo is known as the Straighten Tool. Select this by clicking the small arrow at the side of the deform tool. This brings up a second menu where you can select straighten tool.

The tool options palette will display a number of settings which can be adjusted. You can experiment with these settings to find out what happens in each case. To start off with set the mode to Auto, check the "Crop image" box, and unchecked the "Rotate all layers". Set the angle to "0" to start.

Step 3 - Positioning the Straightening Bar

To straighten your image you first need to look for something which should be straight. If your photo has anything which should be straight then you can use this to arrange the straightening bar. Make sure that the straightening bar runs in-line with whatever it is that's supposed to be straight.

If you want to move the straightening bar then click the reset button in the tool options palette. This will reset the size and location of the straightening bar.

Step 4 - Applying the Straightening Effect

Once you are happy with the position of the straightening bar you can then click the "Apply" button in the tool options palette. This will straighten the photo. If you're not happy with the finished result then you can press Control and "Z" to undo the operation and try it again.

Step 5 - Improving the Image

When you straighten the image it quite often makes the image slightly blurry, to avoid this problem you should use the sharpen tool in Paint Shop Pro. To access this tool click on "Adjust", "Sharpness", then click on "Sharpness". Once this is completed you can then check the overall result and decide if you're happy.

Step 6 - Saving the Image

If everything worked properly then you will want to save the photo, use the save as function so that you don't overwrite your original photo. This means that you will be able to do further work on your original photo in the future if required.

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