How to Sort Images in Bridge

When using Adobe Bridge, it is possible to rotate and sort images. This makes it very easy to manage your photographs in a single application. The interface is very easy to use which will make organizing and finding the images that you want to use a simple process. It's possible to rank the images as well, which will order them and make it much simpler to find them. Here is how to sort images in Bridge:

Step 1: Ungrouping the Stack

The first thing that you will need to do is ungroup the stack so that it can be sorted and organized. To do this, click on the stacks menu and then click on Ungroup from Stacks menu. This will automatically ungroup all of the photos. Another way to do this is to press control, shift and G. If you're using a Mac computer then press the Mac Command key and G. Once you have done this, it is now possible to select the images one by one. When you click on each individual image, it will then open up a larger preview of the same photo.

Step 2: Changing the Ranking

The ranking is the rating that you give to each photo. This will make the photo appear higher in the results. When using Bridge, it is very simple to change the ranking position. To do this, hold down Control or Command if using a Mac. Then, tap a number between one to nine depending on how much you like it. One means poor and nine is very high.

You can change the ranking on any photograph when it is open. This makes it possible to easily update the ranking if you change your mind about the photos. By ranking your videos first, it will be possible to sort them in an order which is very easy to use. This should make it possible to find the better quality images. Rating images is a great way to see the best images right at the top of the results. This is why it's such an important part of sorting images. It will also help you to narrow down images to decide which photos you will use for different projects.

Step 3: Re-Rating

You can look at all of your photos and set the ratings. Then it's possible to adjust the view results to display only the 5* images. Then it's possible to rate these again until you find the very best image that can be used in a magazine or other prominent project.

This process is extremely useful when working with huge catalogs of photographs. You are also able to view all the photos with no rating so that these can be rated.

Step 4: Sorting

There are a number of sort settings down the left hand side of the screen. You are able to sort your photos by rating. This makes it possible to find all of the photos which are suitable for different uses. You can also sort the photos depending on keywords. New keywords can be added to your photos which makes it very simple to organize and find your photographs.

You can also sort by date created. This makes it easy to find all of the photos that were taken on a particular date.