How to Run Silver Efex Pro in Photoshop

Nik Software's Silver Efex Pro is a program which enables you to create outstanding photos in black and white from your image files. The software uses advanced technology for giving you full control over the contrast and tonality of the image and also has features which will remove artifacts which are not required in your images. This software is available as a plug-in that can be used with various photo-editing programs. Here is how to run Silver Efex Pro in Photshop.

Step 1: Installation

Double-click on the Silver Efex Pro plug-in program file to install it. This will open a box with various options. You need to select the particular Photoshop option to install it as a plug-in and then click on Install.

Step 2: Open Silver Efex Pro in Photoshop

After installation, initialize Photoshop and open an image file by clicking on File and selecting Open. Now, click on Filter from the top menu bar. Click on Nik Software from the drop down list and then select Silver Efex Pro. This will open the main interface screen of the software.

Step 3: Interface

The opening screen of the Silver Efex interface has three panels. You will find thumbnails of your image in various styles in the left panel. In the middle will be your image in full size, and in the right panel are various controls. You can close and open the left panel, which is the style browser, by clicking on the first two buttons on top. The next buttons give you various view options like Split, Single or Side by Side. To the right are the tool buttons for Select, Zoom, Pan and for changing the background color of the image.

Step 4: Style Browser

The style browser in the left panel shows you the various preset styles which are possible for your image. Click on any one of the styles, and in the middle panel you will see the visual representation of what your image will look like.

Step 5: Control Panel

The control panel on the right has three slider controls on the top. With the first two, you can adjust the Brightness and Contrast levels in your image. The third is a Structure slider which will bring out the details in the image. These sliders have a global impact and if you want a selective control, use the Add Control Point button. When you add a Control Point, the area can be seen more closely in a preview window in the bottom right of the control panel. Then there are the Shadow/Highlights slider controls for getting details in shadows and highlights.

The Color Filter section enables you to apply various color filters to parts of your image. The Film Types section gives you a selection of about 80 different popular film types and control over the Grain, Sensitivity and Tonal Curve. The Stylizing section allows you to add a tinted tone, a vignette and burnt edge effect to the image.

Step 6: Exit and Save

After you have done all the adjustments with Silver Efex Pro, click on OK to end the session and exit to Photoshop interface. You can now save your edited image.