How To Run Photoshop Actions In Lightroom

Adobe products such as Photoshop and Lightroom are commonly used by professionals and amateurs for image editing, due to their versatility and amazing quality of features and characteristics. Photoshop consists of programs and features, such as Actions, which allow users to apply the same adjustments and changes to all images. Lightroom does not have the same abilities, but you can always use Actions through Photoshop. You should keep in mind that in most cases, the Adobe products are indispensably connected with each other and you can use one Lightroom to run Photoshop Actions.

Actions are a set of instructions known as macros and scripts, which can be applied to different sets of images. You can open Photoshop and push the images to actions. This skill helps you manipulate your pictures in an easy way, avoiding needless actions and steps.

Step 1: Creating Droplets

The first thing you need to do is create a droplet for the Actions. Open Photoshop and go to Create Droplet, which is located underneath the File Tab. Then, you will need to choose the action you would like to use in Lightroom and save the droplet you have created, preferably on the desktop so that it is easy accessible.

Step 2: Creating an Export Folder

Go to Lightroom and open the Export Actions tab, which is located under File and Export Tab. Once you do that, you can place the droplet you have created in the export actions folder. Open the After Export menu and select the Go to Export Actions Now. Windows Explorer will open showing you the folder you have opened. Take the droplet file and move it into the folder.

Step 3: Applying Actions

Once you have put the droplet file in the folder, you can apply the action. You will need to open the images where you would like to apply the actions. Go to File and select Export. Then, go to the After Export box and select the action you want in the Post Processing part. Once you do that, the action you have chosen will run in Photoshop as well.

Step 4: Repeating the Actions

If you want to apply the same actions to numerous images and photos, you will need to automate the following action. Go to File and select Import in order to add the pictures you want to the list. Choose all the images you want and then repeat the third step of this guide. This way you will apply the actions to the entire bunch of images you want, without repeating all steps.

Extra Tip

This skill can be used in many different ways. You can use the droplet on numerous images on export. You can also create a Preset in Lightroom that will send copies of your images to Photoshop; you can run and save it and import the new image back to the list of Lightroom.

There are numerous different opportunities and features you can use, taking advantage of the multiple choices and features offered by Adobe Products.