How to Remove Unwanted Elements in Paint Shop Pro

There are various minor detailing in a photo, that need to be dealt with care and rectified to make it perfect and bear the mark of your abilities. This is not a problem at all, if you are using Paint Shop Pro.  If there are any unwanted elements in the picture, you can simply remove them by using the 'Clone brush' tool. So, here is a tutorial to help you in your task of beautifying your favourite photo to the zenith. To start with, you will require a photo, preferably a digital one and the one and only Paint Shop Pro software. These are the steps to achieve best results in improving the photo virtually.

Step 1- Open the Photo

 Browse through the system to find out the image that suits your purpose the best. Then get a duplicate copy of it to work on. Therefore, if any problem arises, the original image will remain intact.  Then click on the icon of paint shop pro on your desktop and as it will open up start with the clone brush option.

 Step 2- Create Layer to the Image

First, be sure about the tools in the Tools Bar. You will find the Tools option\s palette and the Layer palette. In order to open the Tools toolbar, just go to View and they click on Toolbars. Then again choose 'View', from there, go to Palettes. The Tool Options will now display the Layer and the Tool Options palettes. Thus you will be creating a new layer to the image.

Step 3- Create a New Raster Layer

In order to create a new Raster Layer, click on the button assigned for Raster Layer. You will find it on the Layer palette toolbar. It can also be done in a different way, that is, by going to the New Raster Layer and then by choosing Layers. Lastly, click OK in the dialog box 'New Raster' and the default settings will be accepted. If you will be using new layers for editing purpose, then the original Background layer won't change.

Step 4- Set the 'Clone Brush' Option

Go to the Tools toolbar and then select the Clone Brush tool. You will get it on the Tools Options palette. It should be set to the given modes. The 'Shape' should be set to 'Round', the 'Size' should be '32', the 'Hardness' should be'50', the 'Step' should be '25' and the 'Opacity' should be '32'. The 'Blend Mode' should be set to 'Normal'. The check boxes for Aligned mode and Sample Merged should be marked. The adjustments can also be made according to the nature of the image you are using and the changes to be made.

Step 5- Start Removing the Unwanted Elements

First click the new Raster layer you have already created. Then it is the time to remove the unwanted elements. To do it, just drag on the element, which is unwanted. Then start painting with the pixels in the source. The strokes should be slow, but careful. If you want to use the 'Clone Brush' tool effectively, right-click on the area, which you have chosen as the source. Then, drag the mouse on the area you have targeted for painting.

Step 6- Save the Image

As you will finish up with your work, go to 'Choose file' option and then click on 'Save As'. Then save the currant file as a Paint Shop Pro image. It is ready now to be displayed to the band of friends and acquaintances.

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