How to Remove or Change an Email Address in Picasa

For some, understanding how to remove or change an email Address in Google's Picasa can be tricky.

It you have multiple email accounts or multiple Google accounts, you may at some point see it as necessary to change the account to which the Picasa suite is linked. Since Picasa offers integration with the online Web 2.0 service Picasa Web Albums, changing your address in the Picasa desktop application will allow you to upload to a different Picasa Web Albums account.

Switching Email Accounts

It is also possible to easily upload large batches of photos from your local machine to a friend's Picasa Web Albums account by logging out of your email/Google account in Picasa and having your friend log in to his account. You can then upload to his Web Albums and log back in to your account.

Change the "Sent From" Settings

A third ability that changing your email settings is the ability to send photos by email from a different "from:" address than your present settings allow. Simply change the email settings, as detailed below, to enable that ability.

First, we will consider how to change the email address that is displayed in the upper right corner of Picasa. This is the address linked with the Picasa Web Albums account to which Picasa uploads photographs.

Step 1 - Sign Out of Picasa

Changing this email address is a simple matter. Open the Picasa 3 application and wait for it to load the library and log in to the server. In the upper right hand corner of the application, click "Sign Out."

Step 2 - Remove Your Email Address

To remove your email address from the Picasa application, click "Sign In to Web Albums." Un-check "Remember me on this computer" and select "Sign In." Then, return to the upper right hand corner of the application and select "Sign out."

Step 3 - Sign In with New Account

If you wish to change the email address to which Picasa connects, type the new Google Account's email address and password into the username and password fields of the "Sign in to Web Albums" menu after signing out for the first time. Select either to remember or not to remember the Google Accounts password, as fits the purpose of your use of different credentials.

Picasa also features an integrated tool that allows the user to send pictures by email from a built-in or external email client. These settings can also be changed.

How to Change the Email Tool Account Settings

To change this address, head over the the Picasa application's toolbar and select Tools > Options. Select the "E-Mail" tab of the "Options" menus. Three options exist: "Let me choose each time I send pictures," "Use (Default Email Client Application,)" and "Use my Google account." Choose between the latter two options as you see fit, or simply select the first to receive a "Select Email" prompt every time you choose to email your photographs from Picasa. This prompt will also provide you with a link to create a free Gmail account if you do not already possess one.

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