How to Remove Digital Camera Noise in Paint Shop Pro

Image noise plays a great role in spoiling the true quality of the images. With the help of Paint Shop Pro's Digital Camera Noise Removal Filter one can erase these defects to ensure some excellent photographs. Now you can easily bid adieu to unwanted dots on a properly snapped photographs. Paint Shop Pro 9 version is the ideal program to treat digital camera noise. Follow the following tutorial to get rid of digital camera noise.

Step 1-Open the affected image

Click the Start button. Then select the Programs and then go to Jasc Software and press the cursor on the Jasc Paint Shop Pro. Double click the icon of Paint Shop Pro icon on the computer desktop and open the PSP program. Now, select the File and Open it. Just browse to place, where you have saved the noise.jpg. Click the affected image to open it.

Step 2- Add glow to the image

After opening the photo, you will surely notice its patches of darkness or if the overall light effect of the image is shadowy. In that case, use One Step Photo Fix. To avail it, you have to select Adjust and click One Step Photo Fix. It will start to filter the image discrepancies. Its six common photo correction arms will improve the general look of the affected photo to a great extent.

Step 3- Erase Digital Camera Noise

With the help of One Step Photo Fix, you will be able to improve the discrepancies of the flawed images but in case the problem is severe, you have to perform certain other tasks. Select Adjust and then Photo Fix. Click Digital Camera Noise Removal. Now, you have to change the settings under the Remove Noise settings. The Link details box should be selected. Alter the Small setting to 58. The other settings will be changed to 58. Wrap up the correction task by setting the Correction blend to 70 and the Sharpening blend to 10. Press OK and your task is over.

If you find that the noise level is worse in some portions of the photo, then open the Digital Camera Noise Removal. In the dialog box, have a look at the preview zone and select the troubled portions. Delete the noise by clicking and dragging in the left side of the preview zone. Now, just have a look at the picture. You will find it hard to believe the change!

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