How to Reduce the Appearance of CCD Noise

When taking photos in low light conditions CCD noise can affect your photos and make it look unprofessional. If you ever experience CCD noise in your photographs then you must find a way of reducing the appearance of this so that you can improve your photos.

This guide looks at a manual way of removing CCD noise. However, many photo editing applications feature filters to automatically remove CCD noise.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • Digital Photograph 
  • Adobe Photoshop

Step 1 - Color Balance

Use the curves module to adjust the CYMK of the photograph so that you can fix the colors. It's also possible to do this using the levels tool if you prefer. It's important to do this first so that you can apply the correct filters.

Step 2 - Filters

Use the dust and scratches filter to isolate the noise and start to remove it. This is much better than trying to filter the entire photograph. After applying the filters sharpen your photos.

Step 3 - Unsharp Mask

If you are interested in making the photos slightly softer then apply the unsharp mask to them a couple of times.

Step 4 - Cropping

Remove any noise around the outside of the photograph by cropping the photo. Use the crop tool to select what you want to retain and then remove the rest.

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