How To Quickly Adding Multiple Transitions To a Sequence in Final Cut Pro

If you have a sequence of clips that you are using in Final Cut Pro, you may want to add transitions between the clips to avoid abrupt starts and stops of the clips. You can choose to add a single transition between clips in order to maintain continuity; however, you can also choose to add several different types of transition to give your movie or video a little more flair. So, this simple how-to guide will show you how to quickly add several types of transitions into a sequence of clips in Final Cut Pro.

What You Will Need

  • A computer with final cut Pro installed
  • A video file to edit

Step 1: Determine the Sequence of Clips Where You Will Place Transitions

First, you need to determine which clips will need transitions. If you have several clips in your sequence, you may or may not decide to place transitions between all of them. Although transitions allow better blending of clips, they are not always the best solution. Too many transitions can be very distracting for viewers of your video. So, choose your transition insertion points carefully.

Step 2: Open the Transitions Page

In your project viewer window, you will see the 'Effects' tab. In order to get to your transitions screen, click on the 'Effects' tab and then select the transitions folder. There, you'll see the various types of transition groups that are available with Final Cut Pro.

Step 3: Drag Commonly Used Transitions to Your Favorites Folder

If you'll be using several different transitions frequently in your project, you should go ahead and drag them to your favorites folder on the transition page. Simply highlight the transitions you think you'll be using the most and drag them into your favorites folder. Once there, you can make adjustments to duration or other parts of the transition to make them better suit your project. Once you have made adjustments to the transition, give the transition a new name that makes it easy to remember.

Step 4: Applying Transitions Quickly

Open your favorite transitions folder and begin dragging and dropping the transitions you want to use between adjacent clips. Final Cut Pro allows you to quickly drag and drop a transition between any two adjacent clips. If you want to quickly apply the default transition, simply double-click on the space between two adjacent clips, and then select the 'apply default transition' option.

Step 5: Use the Mac Command Key to Apply Transitions

You can also use the Mac command and 'T' keys to quickly add transitions to the timeline. Press the 'Ctrl' and 'I' keys to navigate to the In point where you want to place the transition and then simultaneously press the Mac command and 'T' keys to insert the default transition. If you want to enter the default 3 second audio fade transition, press the 'Option', Mac command key and the 'T' key at the same time.

Tip - If you want to apply the default to every clip in a sequence, do the following: Position the play head at the very beginning of the sequence that you want to apply a default transition to. Then, select all the clips in the sequence. Finally, drag the selection to the canvas and drop them on the 'Overwrite with Transition Overlay' button. This will edit your clips in the sequence with the default transition.

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