How to Prepare Selections for Special Effects in Paint Shop Pro

Knowing how to prepare a section of your photo for a special effect is more important than knowing how to do the actual effect. The selection tool will help you to select the desired area and get it prepared for any special effects that you wish to add to your photo. Knowing the different types of features of your selection tool will help to make Paint Shop Pro go a lot smoother.

Step 1 - Antialias and Feather

When using the regular selection as well as the freehand selection you will have the option to set your 'anti-alias'. This will smooth over the edges of the selection.

In the magic wand, freehand and regular selection you will be able to set your feather. This feature will fade out the edges surrounding your selection. This will help create a smoother transition. The amount of feathering value that you add will help with the width of your transition.

Step 2 - Adding and Subtracting Selections

Once you have made one selection you can hold down your shift key and make another selection. The second selection needs to cross over the active and current selection of your photograph.

To subtract a selection you will need to hold down the control key as you make a selection, that will cross over your active and current selection.

Step 3 - How to Move a Selection

There are multiple ways to move your selection. One of them involves clicking on the 'mover' tool. From there you will need to right click to drag your selection. Only the chosen selection will be moved with this.

If you wish to move only the selection and keep the background the same then you will need to left click and drag the selected object. You can do this or hold down the shift key while pushing the arrow in the direction that you wish for it to go.

If you wish to move a selection copy and leave the first area that was selected behind then you will need to go to 'selections', then float and move with the floating selection.

Step 4 - Creating a Selection

For any square or rectangular sections, even if they are rounded you will need to start with the cursor at the upper left hand corner of the necessary area.

For elliptical or circular selections then you'll need to set your cursor in the middle of the section.  For all other types of shapes, just place the cursor in the upper left hand corner of the area that would be the invisible rectangle.

Once you have done this you will need to left click the mouse and drag the section in the desired direction. When the object is in the necessary area then let up on the mouse button. From there you will see the 'marquee' or the lines that look to be moving around the object. If you do not see it then the 'hide marquee' option may be turned on. To check, go to 'sections' then 'hide marquee'. This will show whether or not it is activated.

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