How to Operate Xara Web Designer

Xara Web Designer is an easy-to-use website design software that allows users to create web pages from templates. But, how does a user begin operating Xara Web Designer? It is actually pretty easy.

Step 1: Pick a Template

When a user opens up Xara Web Designer, he needs to start creating a web page by selecting one of the predefined page templates. To do this, go into File and then the New Designs Gallery. Users should scroll through the designs until they find one that they like. They should not worry about the color scheme or text on the page. This is all customizable.

Step 2: Rearrange the Items on the Page

When a template has been selected, it will open up and be large enough for the user to see most, if not, all of the page. Select the Selector tool. This is the arrow which is on the left-hand toolbar. It will be the first item. To manipulate items on the page, users simply need to select it with this tool. Then, they can drag it around the page, or delete it by selecting the Delete key. An object can also be resized or rotated.

To rotate a page, click on the corner the handles, and simply drag it around. To resize an object, select the corner handles, and move them in (to make smaller) or out (to make larger). To resize more than one object, select one object, and then the shift key. Hold down the shift key, and select the rest of the items.

Step 3: Change the Text

To change the text in the page, select the Text icon (the uppercase T), and select the text that needs to be altered. At the top, the text options will appear. These allow the user to change the font and text size, or make the text bold or italicized. The top menu will change with the selected tool.

Step 4: Add Pictures

If a user wishes to add pictures, he just needs to open up the folder with photos in the Windows File Explorer. Then, he can drag and drop the photos into the template.

To move the photo, simply drag it with the selector tool. It can be resized using the corner handles. To make the text wrap around the image, right-click on it, and select Repel Text. This will cause the text to wrap around the image no matter where it is.

If a user wants to add the image to a place where there is an image holder, simply delete the image holder, and drag the image to the now empty spot.

Step 5: Preview and Export Options

Along the top toolbar are a number of different options. In the middle are several options for previewing and exporting the file. The globe with the arrow is the preview option, which will open up the website in a new browser, allowing the user to see what website looks like. The link option will allow users to add links to their site.

The final button in this list is the publishing button, which will publish the site to the user’s web server.