How to Manage Clips in Adobe Premiere Bins

Clips in Adobe Premiere project files are stored in bins. Bins allow you to manage your media files much in the same way you do normal files on your Mac or Windows computer. A bin is simply a group of clips or files in your project manager. Like other nonlinear video editing programs, Adobe Premiere stores clip information in project files and not in the media or the footage used to create the files. This simple how-to guide will show you how to manage your clips using bins in Adobe Premiere.

What You Will Need

  • A computer with Adobe Premiere installed
  • Video clips or media footage to work with

Step 1: Create a New Bin in Adobe Premiere

You can quickly create a new band to manage your clips by clicking on the bin icon at the bottom or base of the project panel. The icon resembles a paper file folder, and is date your tan in color. The bin icon is also located next to the icon that resembles a pair of binoculars. Click on the icon to create a new being. Once the new bed is created, Adobe Premiere will assign the default name. However, you should change the name to something more descriptive that makes working with clips and been easier.

Step 2: Move Clips into the New Bin

Once you have created a new bin in your project panel, you can select one or more clips in the project window to drag into the new bin. Move any clips that you want to place in the new bin at this time. Once you drag clips into the new bin, you'll notice that an arrow is created next to the folder icon for the new bin. You can click on this arrow to expand or collapse the folder to enable or disable the viewing of clips that are located in that bin.

(Note - You can create a top-level bin or a bin that this is sub level of an existing bin. To create a top-level bin, make sure that no other bin is selected before creating a new one. If you want to create a bin that is sub level of a top-level bin, select the top-level bin, and then create a new bin. This will create a subfolder under the top-level bin.)

Step 3: Creating a Copy of an Item or Clip in a Bin

You can create copies of any items in bins by right clicking on the clip or item and then choosing the 'Duplicate' option. This will create a copy of the item that is annotated with the words 'Copy  of' at the beginning of the item name.

Step 4: Do Not Rename the Original Source Clip or File

Once you import a clip into your project, be sure not to rename the original source file on your hard drive. If you do rename the source file, the reference to the file will be lost by Adobe Premiere, and you will receive an off-line error when you attempt to locate the clip or file. Instead, rename clips that are in your bins and not the original source.

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