How to Make Your Own Barcodes with Label Factory

Label Factory is one of the best pieces of software which can be used to create all sorts of different labels. This application supports labels from a number of different manufacturers, including Avery, and has a good reputation. The app also supports barcodes, which makes it possible to use it for industrial applications.

If you need to print labels using Label Factory, then it is very simple. The labels can be designed easily and then added to any label. The barcodes can then be read using any standard barcode scanning equipment.

Step 1: Launching the Application

First, you need to install and run Label Factory on your computer. This application can be installed on almost all computers and isn't particularly demanding. When the application is installed, click on it to run it. Label Factory will load with a menu screen where you can select the types of labels that you want to create.

You can either open an existing design by clicking on the second button, or alternatively start from scratch. There is also another option which makes it possible to browse through the different templates on offer so that you can make designing your labels as easy as possible.

Step 2: Using Label Printers

It's possible to use the software with almost any printer which supports printing from a sheet of labels. If going down this route, then it works well when printing a page of the same label. However, if you want to print many individual labels with different information, then it will be much easier to use a dedicated label printer. These are small thermal printers which work by using special thermal labels.

These are easy to set up and also cheap to run. These are all supported by Label Factory, and this would be the easiest way of printing barcode labels yourself.

Step 3: Designing Your Label

Design the label by importing images from your computer. This makes it possible to browse through the different images and pictures on your computer. The images can then be dragged around and positioned exactly where you want them. This might take some time to perfect and get right, but you should find it easier as you get used to it.

Step 4: Adding Barcodes

Now you can add barcodes onto your labels by clicking on the barcode tool and then clicking where you want the barcode to be positioned. This is a very easy tool to use and it's simply a matter of typing in the number which you want to be converted into the barcode. This is basically the same as a text field and can be moved around easily.

Step 5: Printing Labels

Now it's simply a matter of printing your barcode labels using your printer or label printer. Simply fill out the information and then hit the button to print to your printer. The software will handle everything and should make it possible to easily fit the entire contents onto the label without any wastage.