How To Make Transparent Images in Photoshop

Your photos can be made into transparent images in Photoshop. The process is relatively simple for most images.

Step 1 - Select the part you want to keep

Simply deleting pieces of your image will not render them transparent. In this example, you have a photo of a black cat that you want surrounded by nothing, not even white. First, you will need to select only the cat. There are many ways to do this depending on your image. Often it is easier to select the background and then go to "Select" and choose "Inverse". Now you should only have the cat selected.

Step 2 - New Image

You will need to create a new transparent image.  So go to "File" and "New". Check your dimensions and most importantly, select "Transparent" under "Content". You should now have a canvas that looks like white and grey checkers. This is Photoshop's way of indicating transparency.

Step 3 - Copy and Paste

Go back to the cat photo. Copy the selection that you made in step 1. Return to the new, transparent canvas and paste the selection. You should now have a cat on a transparent background. Since this automatically created a new layer, you can move the cat anywhere on your canvas.

Transparent images can be created with a minor side step. It is not difficult, but not necessarily obvious.

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