How to Make T-Shirts with Print Artist Gold

Print Artist Gold allows users to easily design scrapbooks, birthday party invitations, gift bags, place mats, stationery and even t-shirts. Professionally designed art images and layouts make creating your own projects easier than ever. It has a great interface and helpful tutorial to help new users get started. With its powerful, yet easy-to-use design, text and drawing customization tools, you’ll be able to create a great custom look that looks realistic and professional. Creating a T-Shirt not only shows your creativity, but also allows others to see your work as your wear it. Follow the step-by-step directions below to create your very own T-Shirt.

Step 1: Create Your Project

When you open Print Artist, you will have a window with 4 tabs at the top (Home, Pre-Designed Projects, Blank Projects and Saved Projects). Choose the pre-designed projects tab, which has several creative options on the left hand side to include Activities, Calendars, Cards, Labels, Posters and Stationery. By choosing the activities, you will see 3 options to the right, “General Activities, Party Sets, and Scrap Books”. Click the Plus (+) sign next to “General Activities” which will drop down a long list of items. At the very bottom of the drop down list, you will see “T-Shirts”.

Once you choose T-Shirts, there will be several pre-designs listed to the right in another column. Choose one that you like and click Open. It will now open your project in another window, where it gives the options to provide text effects, color effects and shape effects to edit the photo and much more.

Step 2: Print Your Project

Once your project is to your creative specifications, print it out. There are 2 ways to print. The first way is to simply click the print icon on the top tool bar in the screen. The other way is to click file and print. You want to make sure you print it out on a specific paper call “Iron-On” transfer paper.

Step 3: Put your Project on a T-Shirt

Now you are ready to put your project on your T-Shirt. First, you must have some supplies. Those supplies consist of a T-Shirt, some Iron-On transfer paper and an Iron. It is important to have the t-shirt on a flat surface without wrinkles. You will place the printed project face down on the t-shirt. Next, make sure the iron is hot before continuing. Then, you will iron over the transfer paper pressing slightly. Do this for a few moments. Once complete, slowly pull the transfer paper off the shirt starting with the corner. You will then need to hang the shirt up and let it cool down and dry.

You have now created your very own t-shirt. Remember that you can also choose to create your own design as well, making it even more creative and original.